Secure your IoT infrastructure with scalable Blockchain

Record your sensors data in Ethereum to ensure your data is verified against tampered attacks.
Keep your information safe and private with extremely low setup costs.

Data Validation Software Using Ethereum
Data Validation Software Using Ethereum
Data Validation Software Using Ethereum
Data Validation Software Using Ethereum

Full data trust to verify data tampering

Maximum privacy and confidentiality

Full Scalability in the most resilient blockchain

Protect and secure your sensors data from external manipulation with extremely secure blockchain Technology.

Detect any hacking or manipulation intent by validating against the blockchain the originality of the data.

Keep all information private uploading only encrypted hash data in the blockchain.

All confidentiality will be kept in your local servers enabling the whole process to be compliant with all data privacy regulations.

Allow very high scalability (up to 4000 records per second) to ensure a fluid demand of transactions to be stored Ethereum, the most resilient and trusted blockchain ecosystem.

Data Validation Software Using Ethereum

Sensor reporting in blockchain

Thanks to its high scalability capacities, BLOOCK enables large data flow requests from multiple sources to be covered at the same time without any problem. Smart cities or big retail centers can easily be connected to BLOOCK in parallel and efficiently record all data in the blockchain simultaneously.

Timestamp recording and automatic validation

Blockchain timestamp immutability allows your security systems to track when sensors record the data. No need of 3rd party companies to validate data integrity anymore. Due to blockchain data immutability, the information can be checked against its original record at any time. This process can be triggered automatically thanks to the platform API that improves the response time.

Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online

High scalability and resilience at a fraction of the cost

Thanks to BLOOCK, records in Ethereum, the most popular and trusted blockchain, can finally enjoy Scalability and resilience at the same time.

All these advantages come at a fraction of the cost of any other complex system. BLOOCK’s advanced compression algorithms allow consolidation of all hash inside a single block. A perfect solution that is scalable and economic at the same time.

Private Ethereum Data Recording Platform

Security and performance are the major concerns for businesses out there. BLOOCK helps you with Ethereum Data Recording Software Online and ensures your data is secured against external manipulation. We always focus on keeping your sensitive data protected and this is why we are providing dependable Ethereum Validator Software Online. We aim at delivering maximum privacy for our customers through Data Validation Software Using Ethereum. Our Private Ethereum Data Recording Platform is designed to keep your data safe and ensure the deposit data is formatted correctly. You can use this Scalable Ethereum Software To Validate Data and keep it safe at an extremely low setup cost. We also guarantee Validating Data Integrity with Blockchain and help you run a business seamlessly.
Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online