New Traceability paradigm with Blockchain interoperability

Minimize your costs with a simple and intuitive Blockchain set up that will overcome issues of transparency and trust.


Easy control of your supply chain end to end

Improve your transparency reputation

Trust on 3rd parties with low-cost barriers

Proof Product provenance and implement track and trace of your supply chain to control the quality of your products and help the auditing process.

Provide added value to your top line by being a more trustworthy company.

56 % of customers surveyed stated that additional product information inspires more trust in a given brand

Interoperability between different systems is always very complex and costly. Blockchain technology enables data sharing independently of the system and can be used by multiple partners

Traceability Blockchain

Standard data exchange

Transfer key metadata to record in Blockchain the key milestones of your process.

Keep using standard EDI protocols, or using APIs, to transfer data while using the Blockchain to add transparency and trust thanks to timestamps certification and data immutability

Multiple agents

Independent agents that are not related among them (producer, supplier, retailer, or consumer), can share data without having to interact directly with one another.

Trust and Transparency

Improve your customer loyalty with a documented source track of information.

It is well known based on consumer behavior market research that many customers would even prefer to pay more for their products or even switch brands based on data transparency access.