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The complete toolkit for cybersecurity-conscious
companies to protect their information
systems leveraging decentralized technologies.

A fully integrated suite of cybersecurity tools

Our robust, scalable and composable building blocks enable the creation of tailored solutions accelerating your development and keeping your back covered

Decentralized Time Stamping

Tamper-proof your information ensuring utmost protection, timeless immutability and transparent verifiability

Key Management & Digital Signature

Digitally sign smoothly and securely while keeping your cloud based private keys and certificates protected.

Decentralized Storage

Ensure the availability of your information from anywhere, at any time, under any condition

Digital idenity

Fortify your identification and authentication procedures by provisioning privacy-preserving digital identities


A fully integrated suite of cybersecurity tools

We place in your hands the most straightforward suite of tools to protect information systems leveraging cutting-edge decentralized technologies, bringing together everything required to comply with the five pillars of information security

Digital notarization

Obtain undeniable proof of your data integrity and existence, safeguarded in an unalterable, timeless record.

Digital signature

Digitally sign smoothly from any device maintaining utmost security and control of your key materials.

Resilient datastorage

Guarantee your information remains accesible to any authorized party under any circumstance.

Digital identity

Provision privacy-first digital identities to enable secure and verifiable cross-platform authentications.


Future-proof your information systems

Our robust, scalable and composable building blocks enable the creation of tailored solutions accelerating your development and keeping your back covered.
Integrate seamlessly with simplicity as your guide
We agonise over the right abstractions for you to bypass all needless complexity intrinsic to decentralization such as scalability, privacy, interoperability, and so on.
Compose without limits, create without boundaries
We tirelessly design our libraries and services to be utterly simple to compose for you to craft your own tailored solution precisely fulfilling your business case.
Fade away provider dependence, embrace decentralization
We commit ourselves to conceiving standardized and trustless services with 0 provider dependence through the inherent attributes of decentralized protocols.
Cybersecurity re-imagined

Igniting digital trust across industries

We've cultivated strong alliances with software providers, system integrators, and end-costumers ranging from startups to renowned industry giants who rave about BLOOCK’s impact on their businesses and developments internationally. Our versatile solutions shine as a beacon of adaptability across industries, igniting innovation in diverse environments and driving success in a multitude of real-world scenarios.
EvolCampus, created by EvolMind, is an e-learning platform with 18+ years of experience, serving 1500+ global organizations. It simplifies training, offering a user-friendly platform for all backgrounds. Through a partnership with BLOOCK, EvolMind now introduces blockchain-recorded diplomas via EvolCampus, providing unprecedented transparency, security, and portability for credentials, enhancing trust, and facilitating international recognition.
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Fraud reports
API, the Col·legi de Agents de la Propietat Inmobiliària de Catalunya, boasts over 3,700 accredited members and a 65+ year history, making it a leading authority in Catalonia's real estate mediation sector. Beyond its legacy, API recently tackled identity fraud among real estate agents by implementing a certified digital identity solution. This enhanced security, protected the association's reputation, and streamlined transactions. This achievement underscores API's commitment to excellence in real estate mediation.
Identity requested
Fraud disputes
External Integrations
ISOTools, a global innovation leader in over 30 countries with 240,000+ users and 2,500 organizations, prioritize organizational excellence, workplace safety, and compliance. Partnering with BLOOCK, they integrate decentralized time-stamping products into the Radar app to ensure data integrity and security. This visionary collaboration provides unchangeable data, enhancing authenticity and trust, with user-friendly blockchain verification for all digital proficiencies.
Time to resolution
Designed for developers

Integrate seamlessly with your preferred tools

Our mission is both straightforward and groundbreaking: we are committed to providing you with tools that work seamlessly, without any headaches or complications. Our primary objective is to craft robust solutions and abstractions that seamlessly adapt to your evolving requirements. The days of wrestling with unnecessary intricacies and tedious technical challenges are firmly behind us.
Tools for every stack
BLOOCK direct integrations seamlessly adapt to any tech stack. Opt from a wide spectrum of alternatives ranging from easy-to-use multi-language libraries to versatile open APIs.
User-friendly  hub
Effortlessly oversee your integrations using our unified dashboard, capacitating you to control subscriptions and integrations, all while facilitating debugging and monitoring.
Opensource ecosystem
Boost your development through BLOOCK’s continuously expanding portfolio of open-source resources including managed APIs, web components, white-label webpages, and so on.

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We’ve got you covered, 24/7.

Our application-builder lets you create the application journeys you envision.

Is BLOOCK a blockchain?

No, we are not. BLOOCK is a software that connects you to the Blockchain without the hassle of setting up the complex process of being part of the Ethereum/ Blockchain network

Is BLOOCK a Sidechain?

No, we are a Layer 2 solution for data tamper-proof directly on top of Ethereum Mainnet.

Does BLOOCK own the data uploaded in the blockchain?

No, we do not. BLOOCK does not have ownership of any data record obtained from our customers. We just received an encrypted “Hash” generated from the customer data set and only the customer can identify it.

If I want to certify data against Ethereum, would I need to purchase Ethers and Gas?

Ethereum is a Blockchain that requires the purchase of its own cryptocurrency to perform. We take care of these transactions and facilitate all the complexity of sending and organizing the encrypted Blockchain data by using our advanced compression algorithm.

How much data can be stored in the block that goes to Ethereum?

Our unique compression algorithm extends our capacity. We can send the Ethereum data to around 4000 transactions per second.

How can I verify the Blockchain data that is being stored?

Through our API, we are able to create “Write” but also “Read” commands to facilitate the verification of the data records. We have also created open-source applications for 3rd party people to perform a verification of the certified data.


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