Provision digital identities at scale

Issue and revoke credentials with mathematical tamper-evidence and absolute privacy at scale, without compromising decentralization nor security.
Harness our scalable service to provision and revoke verifiable credentials to identities with no compromise on security nor cost
Only share the unique digital fingerprint of your credentials with our services thus maintaining your users’ information confidentiality.

Authenticate with unparalleled privacy

Leverage zero-knowledge proofs to authenticate users without collecting any credential information, ensuring compliance with GDPR/CCPA and the EU Data Act.
Build customised authorization requests based on verifiable credentials that align with your access control policies.
Customise the disclosure of information within your authentication procedures to uphold users’ privacy rights.

Unleash cross-platform compatibility

Eliminate identity fragmentation by provisioning your users’ identity with standardised verifiable credentials, paving the way for seamless cross-platform portability.
Ensure cross-platform portability of your issued credentials by adhering to W3C standard for VC and DIDs
Leverage third-party credentials in your authentication procedures, thus improving your access control capabilities.

Stay informed and accountable

Obtain non-repudiable and verifiable traceability of all user authentications and digital interactions, bolstering identifications and preventing identity theft.
Guarantee that users securely adhere to your tailored access policies, strengthening your access control and security.
Strengthen authentication security and non-repudiation by gathering undeniable evidence of access and interactions
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key features

Enterprise-grade digital identity at your fingertips

Scalable on-demand
Effortlessly scale according to your business needs, overcoming constraints on issuance and revocation throughput, all while upholding decentralization and securit
Cross-platform compatible
Adhere to international standards, ensuring that all credential and identity data conforms to the standardization defined by W3C for VC and DIDs, facilitating the cross-platform portability of identities.
Ensure GDPR/CCPA compliance and alignment with the EU Data Act by guaranteeing utmost privacy during authentications, as no unnecessary data is required to be transmitted.
Undeniable audit logs
Obtain secure non-repudiable and verifiable logs of all user authentications and interactions, collecting undeniable evidence of every user's digital interactions.
Mathematically secure
Strengthen your access control security by utilizing an authorization protocol founded on verifiable credentials and unbreakable cryptographic authentications.
Third-party independent
Issue timeless verifiable credential that stands on its own, eliminating the need for third-party services (¡even for revocations!) and enhancing its cross-platform portability.
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