Boost ESG initiatives trustworthiness, transparency and legitimacy

Strengthen your status as a trustworthy and transparent institution, while building consumer trust and maximising your ESG impact.

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the Benefits

Unlock transparency and trustworthiness  

Embrace cybersecurity, not just as a defense, but as an opportunity to: build consumer trust, broaden your institution’s visibility, facilitate transparency portals, streamline ESG audits, generate objective evidences, ensure regulatory compliance, and more.
Enhance credibility
Increase customers trust by increasing your transparency and communications. Securely generate objective evidence and reports of your ESG initiative and make them publicly available.
Streamline compliance audits
Optimise and automate your audit reports and procedures. Obtain complete and undeniable traceability of your ESG initiatives to proof your commitment and compliance
Safeguard your reputation
Safeguard your brand’s digital presence when publishing ESG reports by reinforcing your statements with indisputable facts. Share your initiatives without any hesitation

A real-world case studies

Embark on a journey through our inspiring success stories in the field of environment, social and governance initiatives, and discover how our innovative solutions have not only increased ESG activities impact but also empowered  institutions to reach new heights of excellence.
Imagar Solutions Company

Ensure sustainable energy source

Imagar has incorporated digital notarisation to facilitate the validation of sustainable energy sources and foster equitable energy communities ensuring fair compensation for producers.


Public and verifiable traceability

Openvino combines digital notarisation, signature and resilient data storage to provide its customers with verifiable end-to-end traceability regarding wine elaboration encompassing workforce and finance aspects to ensure ethical business practices.

T-Systems (Syrah)

Verifiable public reports

Syrah, a solution by T-Systems, integrates digital notarization and resilient data storage to elevate transparency and reliability in enterprise ESG initiatives, reinforcing compliance and trustworthiness.

Building blocks for every situation

Join our journey and leverage robust, scalable and composable building blocks to craft your customised ESG solution. Explore some of the numerous real-world use cases we support, spanning a diverse range of practical applications:
Streamline compliance audits
Equip your ESG initiatives with undeniable evidences and verifiable traceability of procedures, facilitating auditors to easily validate the legitimacy of all the reported activities. Ensure your adherence to certification requirements without any uncertainties.
Generate objective evidences
Generate indisputable evidence of your ESG activities thus empowering anyone, whether it is a consumer or certification body to easily verify its legitimacy. Fortify trust in your ESG communications to increase your reach and consumer trust.
Prevent fraudulent certificates
Protect your compliance certificates from tampering and forgery thus empowering any individual, or institution to easily verify its authenticity. Eliminate fraudulent certificates protecting both your enterprise and the certification body reputation.
Facilitate transparency portals
Ensure that your ESG initiatives and progress reports are publicly accessible, allowing your consumers to stay informed about your commitment at any time. Enable direct and trustworthy communications to increase your reputation and digital presence.
Verifiable end-to-end traceability
Establish comprehensive supply chain traceability, simplifying the verification of fair labor practices, sustainable material sourcing, and ethical production. Communicate your commitment transparently to consumers on top of your certifications, strengthening your product values.
Humanitarian AID Tracking
Digital identity solutions play a pivotal role in humanitarian efforts, certifying efficient aid distribution during crises, verifying transparent resource allocation, and showcasing participant engagement. This multifaceted use enhances transparency, accountability, and efficiency in humanitarian tasks.

Supercharging ESG with decentralized technologies

BLOOCK offers the complete suite of tools any ESG initiative needs to move into web3 without a hassle, enabling you to build, integrate or create your solutions faster than ever.

All you need in a single place

Our foundational blocks integrate all the essential components, bringing together everything you require within an easy-to-use and fully unified suite.

Navigate the business landscape without friction

We tirelessly design our blocks to be highly composable for you to craft your own tailored solution precisely fulfilling your business case.

Fueling success through mutual expansion

Our services flexibly adapt to your needs, both from a technological and economic perspective, fostering success through collaborative growth.

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why bloock

The blockchain solutions for all industries.

Benefit from the unlimited potential of blockchain technologies.
Allows you to certify academic titles, hence, be able to track and trace the validity of students academic life.
A myriad of compliance procedures, tasks and steps could be eliminated through blockchain, as information is already lodged and accessible in an existing and secure, tamper-resistant database.
Blockchain solutions for governance to ensure democracy and information transparency.
Logistics & Transportation
Efficiency improvement of process, international trade, transportation, product traceability, and distribution.
With the blockchain network, the clinical data of patients and their histories can be shared safely while providing data traceability and provenance.
Banking & Finance
Creation of a global payment network, with more secure, convenient, and fraud-proof transactions.
Ease of management in different areas from communication, hotel management, and customer satisfactions
Certification of data stored by sensors and traceability of actuator processes.
Improvement of traceability and security protocols, development of autonomous driving, vehicle rental, and temporary access authorizations.

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