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We are developers concerned about digital freedom and privacy. Technology is massively altering the nature of societies where connection has become primary. A vast shift in concepts like trust, reputation and identities is a must for the metaverse that is to come to be fair and human-centric. Democratizing and enabling the access to this paradigm is what keeps us awake. We fight for digital societies to be trustworthy by enabling secure and tamper-resistant communication systems.
who we are?

Blockchainers and cryptographers

Our journey began back in 2016, close to the inception of general purpose blockchain protocols.

Since then we’ve been seeking for approaches to enhance development experiences to facilitate and accelerate adoption whilst keeping decentralization and privacy by default as core values of the shift.

Back then, we understood blockchain was not just a digital assets game-changer but a wider range of areas such as identities, provenance, liability and so on would be affected for the better.

Welcome to BLOOCK, a developers first approach to decentralized technologies that eliminates all needless complexity.

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