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Elevate the security and permanence of your data with our cutting-edge decentralized timestamping service. Obtain undeniable proof of your data's integrity and existence, safeguarded in an unalterable, timeless record.





Unleash digital notarization at scale

Scale up on-demand without the hassle of distributed ledgers throughput constraints, ensure the accuracy of your information without any limitations.
Leverage our scalable service to processes unlimited notarizations with no compromise on security or cost.
Guarantee timeless validity of your notarizations, uphold the foundational principles of decentralization at-scale.

Break down
interoperability barriers

Issue standarized seals to multiple distributed ledgers, paving the way for seamless collaboration with other platforms or entities, regardless of their protocol preferences.
Align your solution with international standards to ensure smooth and seamless cross-platform compatibility.
Foster notarization interoperability across decentralized protocols, irrespective of the underlying infrastructure.

Always know what you will pay

Massively slash decentralized network fees whilst ensuring a stable cost per notarization paid in FIAT to wipe off the map worries about crypto fluctuations and its regulations.
Drastically cut down on decentralized network expenses while staying true to its inherent principles.
Steer clear of the unpredictable swings and uncertainties associated with cryptocurrency market volatility.

Guard your privacy and compliance

Uphold stringent privacy standards ensuring confidentiality and compliance with GDPR/CCPA as no plain data will traverse the internet nor be recorded in the blockchain.
Only share the unique digital fingerprint of your data with our services to mantain your information confidentiality.
Notarization evidences are hosted in ISO 27001 certified servers with compliant erasure capabilities.
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key features

Enterprise-grade digital notarization at your fingertips

Scale on-demand
Effortlessly scale according to your business needs, bypassing distributed ledgers throughput constraints, all while maintaining irrefutable data accuracy.
Record seals on multiple distributed ledgers, enabling  collaboration regardless of network preferences and reducing your exposure to protocol failures.
Ensure GDPR/CCPA compliance, prevent plain data from crossing the internet nor decentralized technologies and enable secure indexing erasure.
Significantly diminish decentralized network costs, volatility, and uncertainties while remaining aligned to its core principles.
Third-party independent
Obtain timeless evidences that stands on its own, eliminating the need for third-party services and enhancing the credibility of your evidences.
Information agnostic
Digitally notarize any type of information, regardless of its nature, as it will be automatically normalized and standardized to meet universal standards.
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