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Eliminate information forgery with our robust and seamless digital signature engine. Acquire irrefutable evidence of your data's authenticity while keeping your key material protected.

Safeguard your private keys and certificates

Generate and store your private keys or certificates leveraging your own hardware secure module or use our managed FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certified software-protected vault.
Shield your keys and certificates with grades of security ranging from FIPS140-2 Level 1 to Level 4.
Mantain your keys and certificates on your own hardware security module or leverage our software-protected vault.
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Sign securely from anywhere, at anytime

Sign from any application enforcing secure authentications to prevent unauthorized access thus fortifying the digital signature of information and communications.
Exploit our key management capabilities to sign digitally from multiple applications and services securely.
Prevent unauthorized signing by enforcing secure authentications to operate.
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Stay informed and accountable

Obtain a transparent traceability of all the signing operations handled to ensure auditability over usage and access to your private keys and certificates.
Gain visibility of all the actions perfomed with your managed keys and certificates.
Obtain irrefutable traceability of usage and access to your keys and certificates to streamline audits procedures.
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Preserve your information privacy

Prevent confidential information from being shared across the internet. All data related operations are handled at client side upholding the non-disclosure of data.
Only share the unique digital fingerprint of your data with our services to mantain your information confidentiality.
Leverage our libraries to inject signature metadata at client-side to comply the e-signature baseline profiles.
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key features

Enterprise-grade digital signature at your fingertips

Security levels
Leverage PKCS#11 integration to generate and manage local or vault-based key materials, ensuring compliance with your specific security level requirements.
Sign from any device
Harness our certified cloud vault capabilities to digitally sign from various applications and services ensuring utmost security and reliability.
Control access to signing
Mitigate the risk of unauthorized signing by exploiting our stringent authentication measures as a mandatory prerequisite for all operations.
Audit trail
Ensure the visibility and accountability of all activities conducted with your managed key materials, ensuring indisputable traceability of their usage and access.
Safeguard your information confidentiality, all data-related operations are executed at the client-side, ensuring the non-disclosure of information.
Comply with international standards, all embedded signature metadata on the client-side adheres to the standardization outlined in e-signature baseline profiles.
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