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Elevate the resilience of your data storage with our cutting-edge decentralized hosting service. Guarantee that your information remains accessible to authorized parties under any circumstance.

Guarantee bulletproof resilience

Ensure your information availability by replicating it across a decentralized network with no singlepoint of failure ensuring its accessibility under any circumstance.
Replicate your information across multiple locations to assure its availabile no matter the provider.
Increase storage resiliance by protecting it from potential service outages or censorship.
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Achieve secure and lighting fast downloads

Improve downloads performance by enabling information to be retreived from the nearest redundant location, via content addressing, thus reducing latency.
Reduce downloading latencies by fetching information from the most performant redunant location.
Shield from the provisioning of tampered files by leveraging content-addressing.
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Create a cohesive data ecosystem

Facilitate data sharing fostering collaboration across different platforms and entities and reducing the inefficiencies derived from siloed data.
Streamline the interoperability of data accross platforms eliminating the need of a siloed centralized servers.
Foster peer-to-peer information sharing to unlock dynamic collaborations under a neutral data space.
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Tailor information access control

Manage access to your information by harnessing client-side encryption prior publishing across the network to comply with GDPR/CCPA and to ensure the level of confidentiality desired.
Protect information from unauthorized access whislt boosting its sharing capabilities with legitimate actors.
Guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information to comply with GDPR/CCPA.
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key features

Enterprise-grade resilient storage at your fingertips

Always available
Ensure your information's perpetual availability across multiple providers, regardless of the circumstances and at all times.
Censorship resistant
Enhance storage robustness by protecting it against service interruptions or censorship, ensuring uninterrupted data access.
Boost download performance
Supercharge your information download speeds by enabling lightning-fast retrieval from the closest redundant location.
Content addressed
Guard your back against the delivery of manipulated information by harnessing the power of content addressing.
Eliminate the necessity of isolated datastorages and harness a neutral data environment to enhance your data-sharing capabilities.
Elevate the access control to your information with our client-side encryption tools to ensure compliance and confidentiality.
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