Announcement of Integration between BLOOCK and Inkan: Merging Cybersecurity and Blockchain Technology for Quality and Safety Inspections

July 7, 2023

In today's digital landscape, trust in the authenticity of digital images and documents has become an increasingly significant challenge. Disinformation and digital fraud pose serious risks to businesses and society. Considering this situation, it is crucial to have innovative solutions that guarantee the integrity and traceability of digital files.

About Inkan:

Inkan is a leading company specializing in creating workflows based on highly trusted certified photos and videos. With its focus on cybersecurity, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence, Inkan provides businesses with a secure way to capture, certify, and distribute reliable content. Inkan associates each image unquestionably with its precise location, date and time, device, and user. This is achieved using blockchain technology and anti-tampering layers that protect and seal the data. With Inkan, it is easy to verify the authenticity of an image and its source information.

Applications of Inkan:

The Inkan offers solutions for inspections, certifications, insurance, and warranties. With its blockchain-based photo verification technology, users can capture and certify reliable images in real time. These certified images are stored with a secure digital fingerprint and can be shared with clients and partners through an authenticity link. Additionally, Inkan provides a Dashboard for visualizing and managing the verified images and traceability information. The applications of Inkan are diverse, ranging from inspections in the construction industry to product certifications and warranty tracking. Inkan's photo verification technology enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and promotes trust by eliminating the need for physical visits and paper documents.

Integration between Inkan and BLOOCK:

Based on these foundations, we are proud to announce the integration of BLOOCK's file signing and certification services on the main public networks within the range of services offered by the Inkan app. BLOOCK's expertise in document protection and verification perfectly complements Inkan's vision of providing highly trusted certified images and videos. As a result of this partnership, Inkan will integrate BLOOCK's file signing and certification services on Ethereum into its application. This will allow Inkan users to certify and sign their files directly from the Inkan platform, providing a comprehensive and secure process from capturing to distributing highly trusted images and documents.Mauro Achille, CEO and Co-Founder of Inkan stated, "With BLOOCK, we hope to achieve scalable certification without giving up Ethereum mainnet as an option for our certificates."

Benefits and Future Perspectives:

The integration of BLOOCK into the Inkan platform offers significant benefits for users. By certifying and signing files on the blockchain, the authenticity, integrity, and traceability of files are guaranteed over time. This provides a solid foundation of trust for businesses when interacting with clients, suppliers, and partners in various contexts. Furthermore, the combination of Inkan's blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence with BLOOCK's services opens exciting prospects for the future. Inkan will be able to certify images on a large scale on Ethereum, offering an even higher level of security and trust.

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