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Blockchain 2021 breakthrough: Covid-19 Vaccine Passport

September 20, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine passport is a valid verification and proof of vaccination. Helping government to verify the number of vaccinated citizens, Vaccine Passport will, in turn, help the whole world fight back the pandemic. An international digital passport can minimize viruses, relieve the blockage, and facilitate mobility.

Covid-19 digital vaccine passport

  • It is visible on mobiles or you can take a print to show the proof of the certificate. A QR code is an encrypted digital record of the Covid inoculation record.
  • A paradigm for creating digital records that are accessible and standardized.
  • Easy to use & Adaptable.
  • To avoid the fake identity of the vaccination by using someone else's certificate, it must be traceable and secure to verify citizen's identification proof of Covid vaccine.

Concerns over digital health pass

While this passport has great potential to help us fight back the pandemic, few problems arose. Two main concerns were: privacy and security. Recording such private data, many are doubting whether their information is kept safe, and how difficult it is to be leaked. Furthermore, the passport's credibility is also put into question. As reported by the BBC, vaccines and vaccine passports are being sold on the darknet. Additionally, developers have proven these security vulnerabilities. Richard Nelson, a software engineer, was able to make a counterfeit vaccine certificate in 10 minutes with free software. Richard carried out this test on Express Plus Medicare - a "near-perfect forgeries of the federal government's COVID-19 vaccine digital certificate".

Why is Blockchain technology a perfect solution for COVID-19 vaccine passport?

Despite concerns over the Passport are real, we can deal with privacy and security faults by recording data on a blockchain ledger. Blockchain technology helps record data and information with full privacy. Due to the fact that Blockchain is a decentralized system, it is almost impossible to hack. Therefore, blockchain implementation makes this vaccine passport safe, easy to use, and is digitally verified.Not only does it help the recording process, but Blockchain technology also simplifies goods transactions by maintaining a digital ledger for the supply chain. The encrypted decentralized making of this technology has also made medical record management easier while maintaining optimal transparency. By safely storing and managing patient records, blockchain technology has helped healthcare facilities in avoiding expensive errors.With the development of Digital Health Passport, enterprises can now validate their health credentials effectively for everyone. A medical officer issues the Covid vaccine passport, and it includes a passcode for every individual vaccinated user.If the user submits a vaccination certificate as an app QR code, the verification agency can scan the Barcode to verify primary inoculation data. In addition, users may decide if to share information, like their name, date of birth, and nationality, which may identify individuals. It provides confidence while offering an endless audit trail for compliance with regulations, contract management, identity administration, and public services. Thus it is a perfect solution for all institutions to ensure data exchange between citizens and authorities.

Current blockchain-based applications

Blockchain allows governments to operate more intelligently and develop more quickly. In short, the unique features of the blockchain enable you to develop a unique tool to safely share healthcare information. It has multi-level security access to a digital vaccine passport. Currently, many companies have entered the market with their own integration. For example, VeChain - a worldwide verified eNFT vaccination certificate; or COOV - a vaccine passport developed by Blockchain Labs and is being used by South Korea's government. Additionally, IBM Digital Health Pass marks its success by having 474 airlines adopted the system.

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