Blockchain in construction: The importance of reliable data to streamline processes in the construction sector

It is an honor to share with all of you exciting news that will mark a milestone in our journey as a company! At BLOOCK, we have always been known for providing innovative solutions to businesses through blockchain technology. Today, with enthusiasm and determination, we are pleased to announce that we have decided to venture into a sector of great relevance for Spain: construction.The construction sector is a fundamental pillar of our society, driving economic growth and contributing to the transformation of cities and urban spaces. In 2022, it accounted for 4.7% of Spain's GDP and 13% of the global GDP. However, despite its importance, this sector has faced various difficulties that have limited its efficiency and safety, affecting both workers and clients. According to several McKinsey studies (Reinventing the Construction, 2017), we find ourselves in a sector with low digitalization, predominantly manual practices, and a lack of transparency in some processes, resulting in reduced productivity.The impact of productivity is enormous. It is estimated that if construction had the same productivity as other industries, the global GDP would increase by 1.6 trillion dollars.Our purpose is clear: to bring technology to construction to achieve the concept of Smart Building and, in the long term, to reach the ambitious goal of building Smart Cities. We have organized ourselves into four key phases to comprehensively address the construction cycle and improve each of its aspects:

  1. Design, Architecture, Materials, and Sustainability: We will dedicate our efforts to integrate cutting-edge technologies into the creative process, optimizing planning, prioritizing sustainability, and using efficient materials for more innovative and environmentally-friendly projects.
  1. Construction and Works: By using smart technologies and blockchain implementation, we will supervise and streamline the development of construction projects, ensuring excellence in execution and risk reduction.
  1. Marketing and Real Estate: We aim to revolutionize how projects are promoted and marketed by connecting real estate sector stakeholders more effectively, providing greater visibility and trust in each transaction.
  1. Building Management and Insurance: We will work to facilitate more efficient and transparent building management through blockchain solutions, ensuring security and reliability in each administrative process.

To ensure the success of this journey, we have created a dedicated advisory committee for each of the mentioned phases, composed of renowned experts in the field. We have the valuable experience of Ignasi Perez Arnal, director of BIM Academy and Director of the Rebuild fair, as well as the profound knowledge of Lluis Moreno Lasalle, president of CCOC, member of the CNC governing board, and vice president of Foment del Treball, with expertise in public works. We also have Joan Ribera, director of innovation at Omplim, an expert in residential construction. Soon, we will confirm the participation of a member from the API's College of Catalonia, an expert in the real estate sector. Their support will be crucial to achieving our goals and revolutionizing the sector.Furthermore, we are proud to share that we have formed important partnerships with various national associations, clusters, and institutions related to construction, who will support our vision of digitizing and evolving toward Smart Cities.At BLOOCK, we are fully committed to taking the construction sector to the next level, driven by a passion for innovation and the desire to create a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future for all.Join us on this exciting journey toward the construction of tomorrow.

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