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BLOOCK at Vertex Viladecans: Innovation, Collaboration, and Commitment to Sustainability

December 5, 2023

On the stage of the Vertex Viladecans fair, BLOOCK immersed itself in three intense days of exploration, idea exchange, and collaboration, highlighting our active participation in the panel discussions and workshops that outlined the crucial role of technology, especially blockchain, in transforming the construction and energy sector towards sustainability.

Exploring the Future at Vertex Viladecans: More than a Fair, a Transformative Experience

Vertex Viladecans emerged as the epicentre to discover the most innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of construction and energy. From the latest trends in Building Information Modeling (BIM) to the disruptive potential of blockchain, the fair offered an enriching space for learning, discovering new technologies, and creating strategic connections to drive sustainability in the industry.

Active Participation in Panel Discussions: Technology as a Driving Force of Transformation

We are honoured to have been part of the panel discussion titled "Technology in the Service of Sector Transformation," moderated by Carlos Velázquez, Sustainability Director at ROCA GROUP. Edgar Jordà, our Commercial Director, participated by providing our perspective on how technology, particularly blockchain, can drive significant transformation in the construction sector.

Specialized Workshop: Blockchain and its Applicability in Construction

As part of Vertex Viladecans, we shared our knowledge through a specialized workshop focused on the applicability of blockchain in the construction sector. Under the guidance of Arnau Iglesias, our expert in the construction industry, we offered detailed explanations and practical demonstrations of already operational solutions. It was an opportunity to illustrate how blockchain technology can optimize processes, enhance transparency, and boost efficiency in the construction industry.

Inspiration and Learning in Highlighted Presentations

The fair also allowed us to immerse ourselves in inspiring and educational presentations. Francesc Mauri's talk about "Climate Emergency, a Challenge in All Areas" reminded us of the urgency to address environmental challenges. On the other hand, Paco Gómez took us on a fascinating journey through "Trends Shaping the Construction of the Future," highlighting the historical evolution of the sector and the transformation catalyzed by new technology adoption.

The experience at Vertex Viladecans was enriching and reinforced our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. We gained not only valuable knowledge and key insights into the future direction of the sector but also the certainty that our role in promoting blockchain-based solutions is essential to drive the construction of the future. At BLOOCK, we remain dedicated to the constant pursuit of opportunities to contribute to the sustainable transformation of the construction sector.

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