New BLOOCK Success Story: Bialog - Innovation in Logistics Management

October 6, 2023

Joining Forces for Digital Transformation

The logistics industry plays a pivotal role in the global supply chain, and its efficiency is a cornerstone for business success and customer satisfaction. In this context, Bialog has taken a bold step by integrating BLOOCK's solutions into its logistics management platform. This integration introduces the certification of delivery notes as an innovative functionality in the platform, aimed at addressing tracking, liability, and security issues in the logistics process. Bialog, designed to simplify and enhance cargo contracting by intelligently connecting carriers with shippers, is positioning itself as a reliable, transparent, and secure player in the logistics industry.

About Bialog

Bialog is an innovative logistics management platform designed to intelligently and comprehensively connect carriers with shippers. It digitizes the cargo contracting process, allowing companies and carriers to stay connected at all times and from anywhere, using only a computer or a mobile phone. Bialog simplifies, streamlines, and secures cargo delivery and tracking to its final destination. Despite technological advancements in the logistics industry, challenges related to tracking, accountability, and security persist after the delivery of goods.

To ensure the success of the process, Bialog and BLOOCK have joined forces to add the certification of delivery notes and deliveries as an essential practice in logistics processes. This collaboration focuses on ending ambiguity in disputes arising from incorrect deliveries, delays, or damages.

About the Integration with BLOOCK

The integration with BLOOCK has been straightforward yet highly effective: the Bialog platform has implemented a mechanism to capture delivery notes and deliveries through photographs. This entails taking images of the delivered goods and creating a delivery report with the precise date, time, and location thanks to GPS, ensuring that the delivery has been completed correctly. It provides visual evidence and verifiable data on location and content. The key benefits obtained include:

·      Increased Reliability: By generating a delivery report that includes visual evidence and verifiable location data, a high level of trust is established for both carriers and customers. This means there is concrete and reliable evidence that the delivery has been completed correctly, which can be crucial for building trust in delivery operations.

·      Efficient Tracking: The ability to track verifiable goods in real-time is a significant advantage. This facilitates quick decision-making and problem resolution in case of delays or disputes. Real-time delivery data allows for better planning and delivery management.

·      Clear Accountability: By certifying the condition of goods at the time of delivery, clear accountability is established in case of damages, losses, or incorrect deliveries. This simplifies claims management and resolves potential disputes more efficiently, benefiting both carriers and customers.

Conclusion and Future Prospects

At BLOOCK, your trust is our driving force, and this integration with Bialog is a testament to our ongoing commitment to stay at the forefront and offer solutions that make a difference. Together, we are paving the way towards a safer and more reliable digital world.

This partnership allows us to advance our mission of enabling trust through blockchain technology, and our collaboration with Bialog reinforces our commitment to making this possible in the logistics field. Certifying delivery notes and deliveries through blockchain provides an additional layer of security and verification to each transaction, ensuring that the delivery of goods is done correctly and reliably. Your adoption of our technology demonstrates a firm commitment to excellence in logistics management, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

We are excited about what the future holds and eager to continue delivering cutting-edge and secure technological solutions to businesses worldwide.

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