BLOOCK integrates with Back2Blu: Ensuring data authenticity and tracking reports for business sustainability

July 6, 2023

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability, companies face significant challenges in managing, reporting and communicating their strategic sustainability plans. The 2030 Agenda, agreed by UN countries in 2015, sets clear targets to address the social, economic and environmental challenges of globalization. In addition, sustainability-related regulations and penalties have become more stringent, requiring rigorous compliance.Back2Blu is a comprehensive platform designed to facilitate data management and monitoring of companies' sustainability plans. With outstanding features, Back2Blu allows organizations to create customized improvement plans for each sustainable entity, monitor compliance with action plans, generate reports on the status of plans, and obtain data automatically or manually from different sources. In addition, the platform offers effective communication on the fulfillment of the UN goals and provides additional support to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments. It also provides an additional score in specifications and tenders, demonstrating the commitment and seriousness of companies in their approach to sustainability.

Integration between Back2Blu and BLOOCK:

In this context, we are pleased to announce the integration between Back2Blu and BLOOCK, two leading companies in their respective fields. Back2Blu is a SaaS solution that helps companies manage, inform and communicate their strategic sustainability plans, while BLOOCK specializes in offering blockchain certification and digital signature services.The integration between both platforms will allow Back2Blu customers to take advantage of BLOOCK's blockchain certification and digital signature services to certify the information of their sustainability indicators and the reports generated on the platform. By using blockchain technology, the integrity and complete authenticity of certified data are guaranteed, providing confidence to all stakeholders.

Benefits and future prospects:

The integration of Back2Blu and BLOOCK presents a number of significant benefits for companies looking to strengthen their commitment to sustainability:

  • Validation of authentic information: Back2Blu customers will be able to certify their sustainability indicators and reports generated on the platform using BLOOCK's blockchain technology. This ensures that the information is tamper-proof and that its authenticity can be verified at any time.
  • Regulatory compliance: With strict sustainability legislation and the imposition of penalties for non-compliance, the integration of BLOOCK into Back2Blu provides companies with a reliable solution to meet regulatory requirements and avoid penalties.
  • Improving business reputation: By certifying sustainability information through blockchain, companies can demonstrate their commitment to transparency and accountability. This strengthens your reputation and builds the trust of customers, investors and other key stakeholders.

Looking ahead, this partnership between Back2Blu and BLOOCK promises further development in the field of business sustainability. The combination of Back2Blu's intuitive and comprehensive platform with BLOOCK's blockchain certification technology creates powerful synergies that will help companies move forward on their path to sustainability and regulatory compliance.

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