BLOOCK joins the EW3O community

May 3, 2023

We are excited to announce BLOOCK has joined the community of European Web3 Organization (EW3O), a Brussels-based non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together the European Web3 community.

About EW3O

The EW3O is committed to promoting awareness and fair representation of Web3 among European companies, citizens, and regulators. The organization advocates for a democratized and accessible Web3 ecosystem through research, news, events, and partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations within the Web3 space.


According to Lluis Llibre, CEO of BLOOCK, "We are thrilled to join the EW3O community and partner with other businesses in the Web3 space. As blockchain technology continues to grow and revolutionize various industries, it's important to have a community that supports and promotes its potential."By joining the EW3O, BLOOCK aims to join a European community of professionals in the Web3 space. The partnership with EW3O will help us connects to a network of like-minded professionals who share their commitment to promoting awareness of the potential of the next internet era. Through the organization's learning opportunities such as research, news, and events, BLOOCK will help support the growth of EU Web3 ecosystem and make it more accessible to the general public."We are excited to have BLOOCK as part of the EW3O community," said Armin ZadakBar, President of the European Web3 Organization.

"One of the EW3O goals is to create a European community of professionals in the Web3 space. In doing so we partner with companies like Bloock which are developing real applications of the blockchain technology that can be applied in different industries."With this partnership, BLOOCK hopes to continue developing its blockchain solutions and promote awareness of the potential of blockchain technology across different industries.The EW3O and BLOOCK share a common goal: to create a Web3 ecosystem that is accessible, democratized, and fair. Through partnerships like these, we can work together to build a better future for the Internet and the world as a whole.

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