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May 18, 2022
BLOOCK CPM Tech Partner digital transformation application development

Today we open our blog to our latest new partner, CPM Tech!

CPM Tech is a consulting firm specializing in Quality Assurance and Application development. They have more than 50 professionals working from Spain, India, and Sri Lanka, which allows them to offer their clients proximity and availability at very competitive prices through their testing, automation, and development factories.

For CPM Tech, quality is fundamental. They specialized in integrating QA layers for product development, ensuring strict process monitoring. This procedure allows their clients to reduce their time-to-market by detecting and correcting errors during the development phase, and not in the final one.

David CPM Tech BLOOCK Partner

David Cruces, director of CPM Tech, declared:

“At CPM Tech we believe that blockchain technology is already a reality and companies cannot ignore it. Businesses must identify its practical applications and implement them. It is in this sense, we see that BLOOCK can provide a lot of value because they have been able to transform a popular yet difficult technology into practical applications. Their product makes blockchain much more understandable and accessible while allowing everyone to identify how this technology can be applied in their day-t0-day. We want to collaborate with BLOOCK in raising awareness of this technology and help our clients to implement it”.

Through this partnership, CPM Tech can offer the certification and validation of all types of data, creating a new value proposition for their clients.

Our CEO, Lluís Llibre remarks that:

“With the connection of their digital solutions to the blockchain, CPM Tech now provides a higher value to all their clients. Our partnership will combine the digital transformative applications developed by CPM Tech, with BLOOCK's blockchain-leading integration in data integrity and authentication. Ensuring our clients, the suitable solution in total security and resilient environment, CPM Tech and its framework become the leader in the industry”.

BLOOCK congratulates CPM Tech for its innovation aimed at bringing transparency, security, and reliability to the digital environment in which we are all increasingly involved.

For further information on CPM Tech, visit:

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