BLOOCK's partner: SAJUMA Group

April 20, 2022

BLOOCK is growing! On this occasion, we would like to introduce our new partner: SAJUMA Group.Since their founding in 2018, SAJUMA group has helped the leading corporations of the industry and individuals achieve greater success with their end-to-end technology solutions. Their incredible team of engineers, programmers, designers, and marketing experts made SAJUMA Group the forefront of the industry, improving their daily customers’ experience with their innovative and unique ideas and technology. SAJUMA Group focused on providing solutions for universities, governments, and municipalities. They are specialized in the health industry and education system. In four years of work, SAJUMA Group has achieved great success in Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama and Colombia among others.

Youssef Jbara, CEO & Vice-president of SAJUMA Group stated:“In today’s business world, companies must be very competitive, only then they will be able to establish themselves in today’s markets, where there is a high and aggressive competitive rivalry. That is why the importance and benefits of the strategic alliance between BLOOCK and SAJUMA Group, because the added value of BLOOCK is the set of additional features and the service offered that make our solution more attractive to the customer compared to the competition”.With this partnership, SAJUMA Group can offer new business opportunities to their clients and solve problems by facilitating the certification and validation of all types of data. The strategic alliance with BLOOCK will help them to:

  • Minimize risks in sharing knowledge
  • Innovate and deliver added value to their customers
  • Have a powerful tool to position in the competitive blockchain market
  • Reach new customers

For BLOOCK , this partnership is a great opportunity to start offering real solutions on blockchain, in countries so admired that require technological innovation to show their high potential to the world.Our CEO & CO-Founder Lluís Llibre remarked that:“We would like to thank SAJUMA Group for their confidence in BLOOCK . By joining BLOOCK’s highly scalable solution and SAJUMA Group’s advanced technological development, this partnership offers blockchain data integrity and authentication, in a demonstrable, immutable, and transparent manner, bringing unparalleled value. SAJUMA Group now offers unique and integrated solutions on blockchain, being the leaders for its reliability, ease of use and very affordable costs”.

Decentralized technologies are very easily accessible, applicable to any type of work or process, and are already at your fingertips to help you achieve your goals thanks to SAJUMA Group and BLOOCK.To find out more about how blockchain can benefit your industry, don't hesitate to contact us at

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