BLOOCK & PolygonID: Simplifying the Process of Decentralized Identity Management

May 15, 2023

At BLOOCK, we are committed to providing innovative software solutions that streamline secure information exchanges and systems leveraging web3 technologies. As part of our efforts to enhance our suite of services, we have worked with PolygonID to introduce decentralized identity management and private authentication.

Our integration with PolygonID has broadened our services by providing the ability to issue verifiable credentials in a trustless and cloud-managed environment simplifying massively the adoption process of this new paradigm. Furthermore, we have also extended our client-side libraries to facilitate the integration of private authentications and verifiable credentials management to any project. This new service we are now publicly launching has already been tested by some of our customers in production environments for use cases such as digital diplomas issuance, membership digital cards, physical access controls, and password-less logins.

About PolygonID

We’ve decided to integrate with PolygonID due to its unique value proposition, the first privacy-first and trustless identity infrastructure. At BLOOCK, we firmly believe that privacy and decentralization are key to providing technological freedom for the shift in concepts like trust and digital identities that is to come.

On top of that, PolygonID delivered a scalable, standardized, and production-ready solution that met all our current requirements regarding customizable VC schemes, credential issuance, customizable private authentications, and so on.

What’s more, PolygonID furnished us with outstanding documentation and open-source libraries and services, streamlining and safeguarding the integration of its technological stack into our existing systems. A clear indication of this is that we have encountered no issues since the initial release, not even while integrating with the previously mentioned external use cases.

BLOOCK and PolygonID

Our experience with the implementation of PolygonID has been smooth and efficient, and the interactions and support we have received from the PolygonID team have been exceptional. As we have always been aligned with their product and technology strategy, our main interaction has been with their commercial team. We were thoroughly impressed by their expertise and willingness to go the extra mile to help us achieve our objectives. The experience was truly positive, and we are grateful for the collaboration that we have established with PolygonID.

This collaboration has further enhanced our ability to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. We believe that the integration of decentralized identity management and private authentication is crucial in today's digital world, where privacy and security are top concerns. Our collaboration with PolygonID enables us to deliver innovative solutions that meet our client's needs, streamlining their processes and providing enhanced security.

The future of BLOOCK and PolygonID

Our vision is to keep evolving this integration by offering managed credential provisioning such as KYC credentials to enable our customers to rely on prebuilt solutions for user identification. We will also focus on increasing our ecosystem with open-source tooling for credential verification, pre-defined schemes, and pre-defined authorization queries to simplify third-party integrations.

We are proud to work with PolygonID and look forward to further collaborations as we continue to innovate and enhance our suite of services. At BLOOCK, we are dedicated to driving the adoption of web3 technologies and simplifying the process of secure information exchanges.

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