Technical and Product Updates

January 2022: BLOOCK v1.0.1 update

January 24, 2022

Welcome to the first product update from BLOOCK. In this issue, we will introduce you to our new features on BLOOCK dashboard, along with a quick guide on how to take advantage of them. The new updates include:

  1. Dashboard guide-me-through
  2. BLOOCK tutorials
  3. Blockchain metrics
  4. Developers logs

I. Dashboard guide-me-through

Simple introduction on how to manage your blockchain records with BLOOCK.

In this new update, new users will have a full guide throughout BLOOCK management website.

bloock dashboard guide

Once registered and logged in, users can see the automatic popups that help them to be familiar with the dashboard. The guide explains all the features on BLOOCK management website as well as a full guide on how to explore these functions.

bloock dashboard guide

II. BLOOCK tutorials

The fastest and easiest way to learn and intergrade Ethereum blockchain to your system.

This function/section can be found in the Home area.

bloock homepage dashboard management website

Once enter, users will have access to a list of tutorials on our YouTube channel. These videos provide a visual guide of the integration of BLOOCK’s solution through our SDKs.

bloock tutorials videos page dashboard management website

The tutorials include:

  • Dashboard introduction
  • Set up tutorial
  • Preparing data tutorial
  • Sending records tutorial
  • Verifying records tutorial

III. Blockchain metrics

Manage your records metrics with ease.

This feature can be found in the Blockchain section

bloock blockchain records section dashboard management website

In this area, users can find relevant information about their plan records, making it easier to control the records' usage.

bloock overview blockchain records dashboard management website

This function includes

  • Total records included in the current plan
  • Total records used so far
  • Total records left to use
  • Overage (it’s a number, just in case the user has spent more records than the plan includes, if not it says 0)
  • Subscription days left
  • Use percentage (percentage of records used so far)

Additionally, users can find the chart of their accumulative records in this section.

bloock overview blockchain accumulated records dashboard management website

The function shows an accumulative records chart which helps users to control the number of records used over time. Plan records limit indicated through an orange line and the number of records included in the current plan.However, the chart is not the same for every user since it depends on the users’ subscription period. If it’s a monthly subscription the chart will show the current month, and the same if it’s an annual subscription.*note: this function is only available on paid subscription

IV. Developer logs

Direct interaction for better debug

The developer logs can be accessed easier from our taskbar

bloock dashboard management website logs

This is the area where the information of each interaction with BLOOCK can be tracked and debugged, such as HTTP requests made through our SDKs. This function helps users to control all the errors as they are displayed in a list.For easier management, users can filter the logs by status of success or error.

dashboard management website logs

For each request, there’s detailed information displayed on the right. Users can check the status code, time, request-id, request payload, and response body.

Separation block

Get started

With BLOOCK management web, blockchain integration is easier than ever. As a layer 2 solution, we help scale on Ethereum up to 4000 records per second, while benefiting you with all the advantages of a big permission-less blockchain network.

  • Book a demo to see our solution as well as a quick guide through BLOOCK dashboard features.
  • Register for the FREE account if you are new to blockchain. You will still be able to access the test environment on BLOOCK.
  • Get setup with the integration guide on our YouTube tutorials.

If you have any further question, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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