BLOOCK's Partner: BlueNotary

March 10, 2023

We are excited to announce our new partnership with BlueNotary, a leading online notary service provider in the United States. Our partnership brings together two companies that are committed to streamlining and enhancing online notarization services.At BLOOCK we believe that blockchain technology can revolutionize the way businesses and individuals securely store and share data. With this partnership, BlueNotary will be able to implement our blockchain technology into its online notary service, making notarizations even more secure and tamper-proof.

About BlueNotary

BlueNotary provides quick, legal, and highly secure online notary services for anyone in the United States or abroad. Their online notarizations are available anytime from anywhere, making it easy for people to notarize their documents without having to physically go to a notary public.

Notarization and blockchain

With our blockchain technology, BlueNotary can provide an even higher level of security and trust in its online notary services. Blockchain is a decentralized ledger technology that allows for secure, transparent, and tamper-proof record-keeping. This means that once a document is notarized on the blockchain, it cannot be altered or deleted, providing an immutable and permanent record of the notarization.The partnership between BLOOCK and BlueNotary means that customers can trust that their online notarizations are even more secure and reliable. With blockchain technology, BlueNotary can provide customers with a digital notarization certificate that is verifiable on the blockchain, allowing anyone to confirm the authenticity of the notarized document at any time.In addition to enhancing the security and trust in online notarizations, our partnership with Blue Notary also aligns with our shared commitment to innovation and efficiency. By integrating blockchain technology into BlueNotary's existing online notary services, we are able to streamline the notarization process and reduce costs for customers.

Andy Blue - CEO of BlueNotary remarks that: "In the realm of remote online notarization, document origin integrity, and authenticity are paramount. With our new BLOOCK partnership, we can now offer BlueNotary customers an unparalleled authenticity solution for their sensitive documents. The ability to independently certify document authenticity within seconds is a total game-changer."At BLOOCK, our CEO Lluís Llibre believes: "The partnership between BLOOCK and BlueNotary is a significant step forward in the online notarization industry. With our blockchain technology, customers can trust that their notarized documents are secure, tamper-proof, and verifiable. This partnership also marks an important milestone in the adoption of blockchain technology in the legal industry, demonstrating the potential for blockchain to enhance the security and efficiency of legal processes."We are excited to work with BlueNotary and to continue to innovate in the online notarization space. Together, we are confident that we can provide customers with an even better online notary experience that is secure, reliable, and efficient.

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