BLOOCK's Partner: Brioxs

November 14, 2022
brioxs digitalization

We are happy to announce our latest partnership with Brioxs.

Brioxs is a tech company that aims to transform business organizations towards the digital environment, based on technological tools and guiding the different facets of the business. Brioxs believes the key to the success of good digitization is to use all the mechanisms available (consulting, UX, expertise, knowledge of the industry), to determine the real needs. Consequently, those technologies will be chosen and the (processes and functionalities) will be carried out to satisfy them. The quality of the project will be given by standard parameters such as (delivery date, efficiency, robustness, budget, scalability…) and order of priority.

Their aims are carried out: both industrial (ENGINEERING) and commercial (HUB). Carrying out projects to solve specific needs or from a global point of view any technological and digital strategy. We identify which parts of the value chain, digitization can contribute more to the business, evaluating both technical aspects (technology, communications, infrastructure, etc.) and economic aspects (profitability, amortization, scalability, benchmarking, aid from the administration/public sector, or subsidies). , etc).

Projects (phases) such as the conversion of manual or paper processes to digital systems, standardization of systems (communications, e.g., IoT and interfaces), exploitation of information for subsequent decision making (BI), total or partial automation of production thanks to technologies such as collaborative robotics.

sergi brioxs ceo

Sergi Martinez EspinosaBrioxs CEO stated: "As a provider of solutions to the industry, the collaboration with BLOOCK provides us with a platform to perform integrations in projects that require certifications/signatures, which could be required in future projects. As it is an example of applied technologies through blockchain - known for its benefits of traceability and security. The partnership of certified registration of digitized documentation and contractual transparency between parties, among other reasons, will enhance Brioxs credibility and streamline the resolution of conflicts. Creating a new opportunity for Brioxs as we open ourselves to more and new customer bases."

BLOOCK is thrilled by the growth of our network through the addition of Brioxs in partnership, according to the Chief Commercial Officer, Edgar Jordà believes; “This partnership will synthesis exponential future growth for both parties.” So, let us see what the future holds!

We have a new update.

In partnership with Brioxs, our project is enhancing and helping in: Trust, Security, and Agility within Brioxs's products. Though BLOOCK-chain traceability which allows for the generating of trust between the intermediaries, by "Un-concerning" them about its technical implementation and focusing on the function it carries out. This technology is designed to be practically impossible to hack. Its integrity gives a secure character to the solutions where it is applied.​​ Reduction of intermediaries to the point of creating automation that allows this technology to be used for complex processes.​

In addition, our products are all now equipped with codes that detail everything from the raw materials to the finished product down to the very last piece of information.

For more information on Brioxs, visit their webpage

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