BLOOCK's Partner: Cactus IoT

June 10, 2022
Cactus IoT and BLOOCK partnership

We are growing! We are very happy to announce our collaboration with Cactus.Cactus is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with a strong team of engineers, with proven experience in software and hardware development. Among its specialties is the development of end-to-end electronic solutions for the IoT market. This gives Cactus the flexibility to work with multiple verticals such as Healthcare, Energy, Agriculture, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Transportation, and Logistics.With more than 15 years of experience, Cactus specializes in building technological solutions around the needs of its customers, while promoting the values of efficiency, security, sustainability, as well as technology resilience.

Cactus IOT CEO and Co-Founder Israel Blanco

Cactus CEO and Co-Founder, Israel Blanco, stated the following:"Distributed blockchain architecture can help solve most of the security and reliability challenges we face. Regardless of the protocol we use in IoT communications, it is increasingly important to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data we process.”Thanks to the new partnership with BLOOCK, Cactus customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of recording all their data on the blockchain, guaranteeing its security and integrity. As Israel stated, "No business logic today or in the future can be based on unreliable data".This partnership also represents a big opportunity for BLOOCK. Our Technological Lead - Jordi Estapé remarks that:“With this partnership, Cactus, efficient hardware, cloud, and custom apps will be enabled to guarantee utmost security to the gathered data, thus adding a higher value to end-users. Both teams will benefit from this collaboration from the reduced adoption time of blockchain-connected IoT devices while also contributing to a more sustainable world. This is made possible through Cactus IoT’s energy-efficient developments with low resources requirement, and BLOOCK’s decentralized data securitization.”

To learn more about Cactus IoT, visit their webpage or Linkedin.

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