BLOOCK's Partner: Evidenze

January 27, 2023

Evidenze is an International Company of services and solutions in knowledge management in health. Specialized in clinical research (CRO), medical training, consulting, communication, and patient care and support programs. In the past bookkeeping was not always efficient but with the help BLOOCK-chain solutions were found.  

As Joan Escudero - Digital Health Director of Evidenze stated:  “Increasing the management of health data is a challenge today. With this partnership, BLOOCK and Evidenze will offer blockchain-based solutions for easy and secure data management."

Below are some use cases that portray the effectiveness of BLOOCK and the importance of our partnership with Evidenze:

Electronic patient records

Managing the large amounts of data collected by healthcare systems is a technological challenge. This information must be distributed at the request of all members of the health system (patients, doctors, regulatory authorities, etc.) correctly and efficiently, being on blockchain, thanks to access to public and private keys in its system, and the technology provided by the solution to these issues.

  • Problems: Errors/modifications arise during the transfer of clinical data, especially when there are different parties with access to it.  
  • Solution: Thanks to the blockchain certification and the maximum security it provides, patient data is transferred efficiently and access to it can always be verified.
  • Economic impact: Avoid scandals and sanctions for data modification since the confidentiality and security of personal health information/data is guaranteed.

Device Information Privacy

The information loaded by MedTech devices must maintain the privacy of patients and have maximum security. Based on blockchain, it is possible to certify said data and validate that each patient receives the correct treatment, also allowing regulators to track anonymous information, enabling better recommendations, and prohibiting the use of specific medical devices that are not effective.  

  • Problems: It is essential to maintain the privacy of patient information, but at the same time it is necessary for regulators to be able to access it in order to make personalized diagnoses.
  • Solution: Certify patient data, validate that the procedure is performed on the designated patient, and even share procedure data with patients and anonymously with regulators.  
  • Economic impact: Regulators will be able to track anonymous patients from diagnosis to recovery and compare different treatment regimens, thus improving their recommendations to the public.

Supply chain certification

Many of the operating costs generated by supply chain management and the limited capacity of its protocols to process information can be reduced or even eliminated through blockchain, which allows for greater control and security over the veracity of the information.  

  • Problems: Limited ability of protocols to correctly store, transfer, and track supply information
  • Solution: Certification of data or images on the supplies sent/received, providing transparency to the process, and allowing verification of their origin.  
  • Economic impact: Reduction of costs in the management and monitoring of supplies. Avoid errors, and losses due to little control over the number of units received/sent.

As depicted above BLOOCK services come in handy in addition to bringing forth positive economic impacts. We are so excited and look forward to a healthy and prosperous partnership with Evidenze.

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