BLOOCK’s Partner: Gladtolink

March 1, 2023

The real no-code platform

GladtoLink is an affordable and adaptable no-code platform that simplifies business processes and creates apps without programming. Enterprises can generate apps in three easy steps without the need for programming, with the help of GladtoLink:

  1. THINK - Identify the needs of your company
  2. BUILD - Design, configure, and test instantly
  3. USE - On mobile, tablet, or web

GladtoLink comes with an embedded BMP that streamlines document management and processing. It offers a unique and structured repository (embedded) without requiring any technological infrastructure. With a collaborative philosophy that encourages external LINKS and automatic connections with major Business Intelligence tools like MS PowerBI, Qlik, and Excel via the plugin, GladtoLink offers PLUG & PLAY integrations with internal and external systems.

Blockchain and transparency

Through this partnership, we take advantage of the transparency characteristic of blockchain. Blockchain's inherent transparency makes it a powerful tool in a variety of use cases. By enabling transparent and immutable record-keeping, blockchain can increase accountability and trust in a wide range of industries, from supply chain management to voting systems. For example, blockchain can help track the origin and journey of a product from its source to the end consumer, providing transparency and accountability in the supply chain. In the case of voting systems, blockchain can ensure that every vote is recorded and counted accurately while maintaining the privacy of individual voters. Overall, blockchain's transparency can promote greater efficiency, security, and trust in a variety of applications.

Gladtolink and BLOOCK

According to Jaume Martínez Aguiló, Gladtolink's Business Developer: "Gladtolink is a platform that drives Digital Transformation of companies, a tool that allows business users to create their own technological solutions for process automation without any programming knowledge. Its immediate effects are cost and time savings, as well as promoting the elimination of paper, one of our strengths in sustainable development.

Gladtolink's mission is to make complicated things simple, unifying criteria and ways of working, adapting to each particular case, and promoting collaboration among employees and organizations in a secure and traceable environment. Our collaboration with BLOOCK allows us to configure successful cases that add value to the service we offer to the customer."

According to BLOOCK´s CEO, Lluís Llibre:  “We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Gladtolink, a platform that is driving digital transformation for businesses and empowering users to create their own technological solutions without any programming knowledge. Together, we're excited to offer our clients a comprehensive and innovative solution that combines blockchain technology and no-code automation to optimize their business processes.

Margalida Martínez Bertran (CMO - Gladtolink) and Miguel Arrufat Villar (Partnership Manager - BLOOCK)

At BLOOCK, we're committed to providing secure and reliable blockchain solutions that help businesses protect their data and streamline their operations. By partnering with Gladtolink, we're able to expand our reach and offer our expertise to even more organizations that are looking to transform the way they work.

We look forward to working closely with the Gladtolink team and helping our joint clients achieve their goals through cutting-edge technology and collaborative solutions"

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