June 27, 2022
bloock and seidor partnership

Our team at BLOOCK is very happy to announce that we are officially partnering with SEIDOR!Working on data integrity and authenticity, this partnership will further provide SEIDOR data security from the blockchain technology, incorporating into SEIDOR’s inhouse portfolios.Stated by our CEO Lluís Llibre Codina:“The growth and trajectory of SEIDOR are an example for any innovative company in the world. For BLOOCK, being chosen as a SEIDORTechnological Partner is already an award; Being your partner in Blockchain, a pride and a responsibility. As of today, its more than 6,500 employees in 40 countries count on BLOOCK to help them implement blockchain projects and generate real impacts in different sectors, promoting our shared vision of technological transformation centered on people.”We believe that this partnership between BLOOCK and SEIDOR will help accelerate blockchain adaptation on digital security and digital transformation.

From the left: Lluís Llibre Codina (CEO│BLOOCK), Josep Benito (CEO│SEIDOR), Marc Baqué Vilamala (CTO│BLOOCK), Jordi Estapé Canal (Technical Lead│BLOOCK)

For more information on our partnership, visit SEIDOR at

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