February 23, 2023
We have recently partnered with St PETER'S. In 1964, St PETER'S became the first international school in Barcelona to use English as a first language.

Today, almost 60 years later, they continue to be a benchmark in education for their innovative educational program, the excellence of their students, the quality of their teachers, and their commitment to having an international community. This has been recognized by Forbes magazine, which has ranked them as the number 1 school in Spain in its latest ranking.

About St PETER's

Its vision is to nurture decades of rising generations through education that will bring an exponential technological revolution that will cause disruptive changes in society, affecting the way we live, work, learn and relate to others.

Blockchain as the solution for diploma forging

St PETER’s passion for technological advancements and strive for uniqueness led them to BLOOCK as they will be the first Spanish school to issue and certify the grades and achievements of its students (certifications, participation in events organized by the school ...) This technology guarantees its authenticity and avoids plagiarism or fraud in academic results. The project is in the development phase and will begin to be implemented during this academic year 22-23 through a pilot test with students of the first and second year of baccalaureate. If the pilot test works, the 23-24 course will already be certified with blockchain to all students at the school, together with the Blockchain Center of Catalonia.

According to Teresa Ferrer, curriculum coordinator at St PETER'S; “it can be very interesting for students to have a space where they can verify their results and academic achievements, either to access university, look for employment, for families or in any situation that requires justifying academic training.”

According to BLOOCK´s COO, Mireia Gomàriz believes; “This partnership will synthesize exponential future growth for both parties. As St PETER´s integrates blockchain technology to prevent diploma fraud, ensuring privacy and security to each and every of its student. BLOOCK is happy to be a part of a uniqueness like “DNA" for each student with a verifiable platform on the blockchain. So, let us see what the future holds!”

Since academic validation with blockchain is part of the school's DNA. "At St PETER'S we really believe in blockchain technology, and BLOOCK is excited to be part of embedding that DNA into St PETER´s through this partnership.

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