DGUARD: Revolutionizing Data Sharing with Privacy,Accuracy, and Accountability

May 17, 2024

dGUARD is a research project funded by Horizon Europe’s initiative TrustChain in its second open call on “User Privacy and Data Governance”, tackles this challenge head-on. dGUARD is an open-source framework designed to enhance privacy, accuracy, medical consents management, and traceability in data-sharing processes. Supported by key entities such as I2Cat and BeHit, dGUARD brings together valuable expertise and resources to ensure its success and real-world applicability. By integrating advanced technologies and ensuring a user-centric approach, dGUARD aims to transform the landscape of data sharing, making it more secure and reliable.

About the project

dGUARD provides a robust solution for secure data sharing through its modular framework. This framework is designed for easy integration via APIs or SDKs, making it adaptable to various systems and environments. The primary goal of dGUARD is to ensure that data sharing processes prioritize user privacy and security while maintaining high standards of accuracy and accountability.

Key Components

Consent Management System: Employs self-sovereign digital identity authentication to ensure transparent and user-centric control over data sharing permissions.
Privacy-Preserving Authentication Toolkit: Utilizes zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) to enable data anonymization while maintaining segmentation capabilities.
Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme: Uses advanced encryption techniques to ensure end-to-end data privacy.
Blockchain Notarized Audit Trail: Leverages blockchain technology to provide an immutable audit trail for all data transactions.

Real-World Application

dGUARD's capabilities will be demonstrated in a real-world pilot project focused on securely sharing dermatology data for federated learning. This pilot aims to improve early melanoma detection and involves 30 clinics, 100 patients, and 20 private practitioners. By applying dGUARD in this controlled environment, the project will showcase the practical benefits of secure and private data sharing in the medical field.

dGUARD addresses critical gaps in current data-sharing technologies by enhancing user control over shared data, providing robust privacy safeguards, and ensuring comprehensive traceability and transparency in data-sharing processes. This project offers practical functionalities such as e-consent management, privacy-first data sharing, and verifiable traceability to meet the needs of organizations seeking secure and accountable data-sharing solutions.
Adopting dGUARD ensures enhanced privacy, accountability, and control over data access and permissions, making data sharing safer and more reliable.


As we move towards an increasingly data-driven world, the need for secure, private, and accountable data-sharing frameworks becomes paramount. dGUARD offers a comprehensive solution to address these needs, paving the way for a more trustworthy and efficient data-sharing ecosystem. With the support of key entities and a focus on user-centric design, DGUARD is poised to revolutionize the way we share and manage data, ensuring its integrity and security in an interconnected world.

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