Grupo SNB and BLOOCK join forces against insurance policy fraud

July 6, 2023

Introduction to BAC

Business Activities Coordination (BAC) is a fundamental process to ensure the occupational health and safety of workers belonging to different companies operating at the same site. In simple terms, BAC is responsible for coordinating and ensuring that all companies involved comply with safety requirements and legal regulations during the implementation of projects. This process involves the identification of the companies and workers involved, the assessment and planning of preventive measures, communication and coordination between the companies, the monitoring and control of the measures implemented, and the documentation of all related activities.BAC is especially relevant in environments where there are several companies operating simultaneously, such as construction sites, industrial plants, or shopping centers. These companies must coordinate their activities to prevent occupational hazards, avoid accidents and comply with current safety regulations. For this purpose, companies make use of BAC software, which is responsible for managing all the information that subcontractors deliver to the incumbent companies, streamlining the process, and providing the information in an orderly and visual way.

The problem of document fraud

Document fraud has become a constant challenge in the BAC field. Subcontractors may submit forged documents or alter originals to comply with safety requirements and obtain labor contracts. This not only compromises the integrity of the document management process but can also jeopardize worker safety and regulatory compliance.Document fraud raises concerns about the authenticity of documents submitted by some subcontractors. In the event of a workplace accident, the main company is exposed to penalties of 200,000 euros and up to 6 years in prison for the owner of the company, if it is not able to prove that the information provided by the subcontractor is false.

The solution

To address this issue, BLOOCK has implemented an innovative solution, which consists in the certification at the source of the documentation delivered to subcontractors, and the subsequent validation of the integrity and authenticity of such documentation through the Blockchain validator integrated in the BAC software itself. The key steps of this solution are as follows:

  1. Certification of information at its source.
  2. Blockchain validation.
  3. Integration into BAC software.

From now on, and as a result of its partnership with BLOOCK, Grupo SNB will certify all the insurance policies it issues to its clients for BAC processes, thus ensuring that they cannot be modified without leaving evidence of it when it reaches the hands of third parties. Grupo SNB, together with BLOOCK, is committed to fighting against document fraud in BAC processes through the use of blockchain technology.

Who we are?

About Grupo SNB

Grupo SNB is a specialized provider of services and technology for the insurance sector in Spain and Mexico. Its creation involved the development, acquisition, and merger of multiple companies in both markets. Its team has in-depth knowledge of the insurance business, which allows them to offer customized solutions adapted to the changing needs of the sector.Grupo SNB stands out for its integration and scalability, allowing them to combine technology and services according to the needs of each client. Thanks to their extensive experience, they are able to quickly implement technological solutions and outsourced services in an agile and secure manner.


BLOOCK is a young company with one of the best technical teams in Blockchain technology in Europe. From a business point of view, BLOOCK has developed all the necessary solutions so that any company or institution, regardless of its size, can implement Blockchain technology in its processes without the need for initial investment or specific developments.In this way, BLOOCK facilitates the adoption of this technology to companies and customers of any size, with a presence in international markets such as the UK, USA, and Latin America, and looking to scale its already-proven range of products.

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