ISOTools and BLOOCK: Innovation in Business Management with HSE Solutions and Decentralized Technologies

February 2, 2024

We are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with ISOTools. ISOTools assists organizations in optimizing their models and management systems by providing innovative solutions for strategy, processes, and personnel management. Their approach focuses on facilitating the application of these models, making them accessible, agile, and measurable through a proprietary technological development platform.

Within ISOTools, the HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) solution offers various applications for managing legal and regulatory requirements. These applications integrate requirements into different operational control programs, documenting compliance validation preventively through various forms. Information dashboards are also provided for user awareness, ensuring preventive actions based on hazard identification and risk analysis.

Key Tools in ISOTools HSE Solution:

  • Legal Compliance Identification: Define templates with requirements, conduct inspections, and validate compliance, including their reassessment.
  • Operational Control Program: Define periodic inspection schedules for effective monitoring
  • Tracking and Awareness: Dashboard for verifying information and ensuring timely action.

Technological Development and Blockchain Solution:

ISOTools aims to achieve a final solution that allows:

  • Certification on Blockchain: Ensure the integrity and authenticity of data sent through ISOTools Radar templates, registering them immutably in blockchain networks, and generating data provenance certificates.
  • Immutable Notification Registry: Ensure the reception of diagnostic and operational control program results by authorities and responsible parties through the ISOTools platform, leaving an unalterable record through blockchain technology.
  • Visual Verification on Blockchain: Develop mechanisms to visually check that a template, execution, program, or follow-up is on the blockchain network, allowing verification with a specific application.
  • Simple Validation with QR Code: Facilitate data validation by adding a QR code to generated documents, ensuring comprehension even for users without advanced knowledge of blockchain technology

Commitment to Innovation:

This collaboration between ISOTools and BLOOCK reflects our shared commitment to innovation and creating solutions that transform business management. We are excited about the advancements this partnership will bring to efficiency and security in business management.

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