Join the Revolution in the Construction Sector: Participate in BIP-TECH to Transform the Construction Industry

September 6, 2023

To promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the construction sector, the Viladecans City Council has launched the Building Innovation Program (BIP-TECH), an ambitious training and pre-acceleration program. One of the key success factors of this project lies in collaboration with various entities and companies that bring their expertise and specialized knowledge. In this context, BLOOCK will collaborate to contribute to the promotion and development of this program.


The Building Innovation Program (BIP-TECH) emerges as an innovative and collaborative response to address the construction sector's challenges. Led by the Viladecans City Council in close collaboration with the Government of Catalonia and with the financial support of the European Social Fund Plus, BIP-TECH has the primary mission of stimulating a comprehensive transformation in the construction industry. Its fundamental pillars are sustainability, optimization of construction processes, and the integration of technology at every stage of the sector. Through a holistic approach that combines specialized training and practical guidance, BIP-TECH aims not only to address these crucial challenges but also to promote the creation and development of entrepreneurial ventures that lead innovation in these critical areas. This program aspires not only to provide technical knowledge and practical tools but also to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and collaboration among various actors in the construction ecosystem.

BIP-TECH provides an excellent opportunity to drive change that transforms how construction is conceived, built, and managed, thus contributing to the sustainable and technological progress of this vital sector. That's why we at BLOOCK encourage all entrepreneurs and startups with business ideas related to sustainable construction, intrapreneurs, and professionals in the sector interested in updating their skills, as well as undergraduate and master's students in construction-related fields to participate in this innovative program. The program will have sixteen participants, starting on September 19th and concluding on December 22nd.

Strategic Alliance for Innovation

In this journey towards redefining the construction sector, BLOOCK will play a collaborative role by offering our expertise in accessible decentralized technologies to facilitate process optimization in the construction sector and promote transparency through this technology.

In this context, BLOOCK will support the BIP-TECH program in different fundamental areas, such as sustainability in construction through blockchain-based solutions that track the supply chain, improve project management with immutable records, and ensure the security of digital data in the digitization of the sector.

Looking to the Future: Sustainable and Technological Transformation

The collaboration between BLOOCK and the BIP-TECH program represents a step forward in the search for innovative solutions to the challenges of the construction sector. As we move towards a more sustainable, efficient, and technologically advanced future, this collaboration promises to contribute significantly to the transformation that the sector needs.

Interested people or companies can register until Monday, September 14th at 23:59 through the following link:

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