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June 2022: Node-RED & BLOOCK announcement

June 29, 2022

Visual programming on BLOOCK the Node-RED way

What is Node-RED?

Node-RED is a flow-based programming tool used for wiring together different devices, APIs, as well as different online services. In practice, this tool is well known and widely used to build workflows for IoT scenarios, allowing users to chain or wiring a variety of IoT devices and services. Nevertheless, Node-RED can also be used for other applications for a quick flow assembly.

How Node-RED works

In the Node-RED environment, the user assembles a flow using supplied building blocks (nodes). This flow is created by linking the nodes in a drag-and-drop style which describes the program’s step and execution orders. All can be seen and edited in the dashboard.Additionally, the user’s Node-RED workflow can be easily extended with custom nodes.


With Node-RED, users can easily and quickly build solutions through a visual programming style, while still leveraging BLOOCK’s services and our connection to blockchain.Node-RED allows users to easily and quickly certify data on the blockchain through BLOOCK services all over a visual programming style.A sample Node-RED Flow could be

To see the full guide on how to implement BLOOCK on Node-RED, take a look at our documents at

Wiring up the Internet of Things with ease

With its simple structure and low barrier to entry, Node-RED has proven itself to be the go-to data flow and event processor for the IoT industry. Bringing together BLOOCK and Node-RED allows our customers to have access to blockchain technology even further.

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