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December 27, 2022

BLOOCK TEACHING BLOCKCHAINBLOOCK partners with Slash mobility to teach blockchain!BLOOCK held a class about blockchain on the 15th of December in Barcelona Activa. The engaging class was led by our very own Chief Technology Officer Marc Baqué Vilamala and Slash mobility.Firstly, Slash mobility are “leaders in mobile solutions” with a diverse portfolio, working in multiple industries. They do the following;

  • Advise clients in their IT strategy, defining digital experiences focused on the user and oriented to business.
  • Conceptualize omnichannel intuitive and usable technology solutions through UI / UX Design and Visual Design services.
  • Develop mobile solutions, applying the most innovative technologies combining Continuous Delivery with Agile methodologies.
  • Service of recruiting IT profiles allows us to transform the vision of attracting talent into a strategic activity for our clients.
  • Facilitate to our clients the identification and retention of talent in the company, as well as the development and evaluation of internal competences.
  • Lastly, they design Open Innovation programs through our innovation laboratory, through collaboration models between the company and start-ups.

About the classMarc began by talking about The IT Academy that started in 2018 with the pilot test and from the aleshores, noting that its growth has been exponential by the year 2022 that tea with the annual objective will be made available to profile companies technology more than 800 programmers and web programmers and data analysts.Given the flood of false degrees, certificates and merits, the reputation of many universities and their students has been questioned, and this makes it more difficult for companies to hire qualified profiles. To solve this, the IT Academy will have a technological platform/service that demonstrates and validates that the knowledge that the students manifest to have after the IT Academy, are really the ones they have acquired. Both this goal poses the following requirements:The proposed solution has to use blockchain technology to guarantee the certification of the degrees and has to be integrated with the Virtual Campus of Barcelona Activa (Moodle) to automate the creation and dissemination of the Emese degrees. The proposed solution has to offer a space where the student can interact with the accreditations received by the IT Academy. More specifically, it seeks that the system allows you to manage, publish and share the various social media. The solution has to allow the intern team of Barcelona Activa to manage the emeses credentials to their students. More specifically, the entity must be able to have visibility over the qualifications and must be able to revoke them in case of error. It must allow any entity that received a degree from an IT Academy student to verify the authenticity and validity of the information provided in a secure manner using blockchain technology.The Entity detects that there are highly relevant non-functional criteria to consider in the solution such as: The simplicity in the use of all the management platforms is planted for an easy adaptation of all the actors.The scalability and reliability of the proposed solution, where the premises of blockchain technology in which it is not possible to eliminate a written cop and its low scalability. Online with the objectives/requirements set by Barcelona Activa, from the BLOOCK team, the following key points of the solution to be provided are identified:An integration API and a service for the issuance, management and revocation of blockchain qualifications. This integration API will be a server managed by BLOOCK with which the existing Moodle platform will be integrated to automate the creation and distribution of the degrees according to the criteria established by the entity. The service manages the work with a standard data model defined by the W3C as “verifiable credentials” to guarantee the interoperability of the emeses qualifications with third-party systems.The service includes the functions of creation, revocation, verification and management of credential access both by the issuing entity, in search of the IT Academy, and by the user who maintains total privacy on the dates. It certifies the emeses degrees on multiple blockchain protocols to increase security, interoperability and reduce the risks associated with the fall of some of the protocols. Looking for protocols included in the Ethereum, Polygon, or XDAI publics. The guarantee of scalability on these protocols is provided by the second layer technologies (L2) that can handle up to 4000 certifications per second. If it is still necessary to work with a specific protocol, it will be included in the service itself.Management portal for emeses degrees per Barcelona Activa.It offers a web portal mitjançant which the staff of Barcelona Activa pot gestión emeses qualifications or credentials. Feel for the management of credentials an environment in which to view all the emeses degrees, disseminate them to the students and carry out procedures with the revocation of these. It is of great relevance to facilitate the training of the Barcelona team.CREDENTIALMANAGEMENT API.In this case, an external service managed by BLOOCK will be used, which currently offers all the functionalities based on the management of the identity, these are the issuance, revocation, verification and consumption of the credentials or degrees. Therefore, BLOOCK will only have to adapt the BLOOCK verifiable credential management service to include:

  • A mechanism for publishing the credentials to the hosting service that allowed the data to be shared by the data.
  • A data schema that fits with existing IT Academy information that fits with the W3C VC model.
  • It is possible that derived from the initial study it will include the integration with specific blockchain protocols but will remain covered under the proposed material.

MOODLE INTEGRATION.To keep the system connected to the current systems, it will have to integrate the Moodle platform through the credential management API for such degrees in an automated way according to the established criteria. Per a fer-ho BLOOCK will provide a Moodle plugin that will only have to be installed lat i parametritzat on the Moodle instance in us.MANAGEMENT PLATFORM.At this point, it will deploy a web portal to the cloud that can be accessed by Barcelona Activa with simple authentication of the user and password. In case of being possible, it will be integrated with the acting director of the entity to facilitate access. For development, it will start from BLOOCK's current credential management platform, which already contemplates the issuance, revocation and consultation of credentials by the administrator.Tot i això, s'haurà to adapt to the corporate image of IT Academy and Barcelona Activa. Tanmateix also needs to be adapted to the existing platform to be able to:

  • Send the degrees to the student's digital cards on demand.
  • Set up an internal credential verification portal.

DIGITAL WALLET APPLICATION.This is the speaker of a mobile application that will be available on the main app marketplaces (AppStore and Google Store). It will start from an already existing and opensource base developed by the Polygon ID team, which has an incorporated clause management system and has been audited, which guarantees the security of the users.This application will have to adapt to the corporate image of IT Academy. It will also be necessary to adapt the application to be able to:

  • publish the data of the qualifications obtained in a managed service.
  • Get links to share the credentials to the social networks.
  • Integrate the automatic publication option to the LinkedIn social network.

VERIFICATION PORTAL.Finally, it will deploy through the existing infrastructure of the Barcelona Activa website a public subspace to be able to verify the authenticity and veracity of the students' qualifications. For fer-ho, a reusable component will be used and created that will have to adapt to the corporate image of the IT Academy.

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