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Mobile World Congress 2023

March 6, 2023

Joining Mobile World Congress 2023


Last week, BLOOCK participated in the Mobile World Congress, one of the largest mobile industry conferences in the world. The event was held in Barcelona, Spain, and attracted over 100,000 attendees from around the globe.

During the conference, the BLOOCK team had a busy schedule, networking with attendees and showcasing the company's blockchain-based solutions for data certification and verification. The team was able to meet with a variety of potential clients and partners, and they were excited to close deals with three new clients during the conference.

In addition to making new business connections, Bloock also received recognition at the conference. The company was nominated as a startup of the year by CaixaBank, one of Spain's largest banks, for its innovative blockchain solutions.

BLOOCK's CTO, Marc Baqué, also participated in a fireside chat hosted by Innovaud on "Scaling-up: the most underrated hacks 🚀" with representatives from three other innovative companies in the mobile industry: Astrocast, CYSEC, and Build38. The discussion covered a range of topics, from the challenges of scaling up a startup to the importance of collaboration between companies in the industry.

During the conference, BLOOCK was also visited by representatives from Catalonia's Cybersecurity Agency. The team discussed the importance of blockchain technology in ensuring secure data certification and verification, and how BLOOCK's solutions can play a crucial role in protecting sensitive data. The visit was a great opportunity for BLOOCK to showcase its technology and expertise in the cybersecurity space.

Overall, the Mobile World Congress was a valuable experience for BLOOCK. The team was able to connect with many new people and companies, and they left the conference feeling energized and inspired. They are excited to continue building partnerships and expanding their business in the mobile industry and beyond.

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