New Advisory Committee for the Construction Sector

August 2, 2023

At BLOOCK, we are proud to announce the distinguished members forming our new advisory committee for our venture in the construction sector. The committee consists of a group of expert leaders in the fields of construction, technology, and sustainability. Their extensive experience and knowledge will be crucial in guiding our path towards transforming the construction sector through blockchain technology.

  1. Ignasi Perez Arnal: Director of BIM Academy and director of the Rebuild fair in Madrid.

Ignasi Perez Arnal is a recognized expert in the field of construction and architecture. As the director of BIM Academy, he has been a passionate advocate for the adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the construction industry. His involvement in directing the Rebuild fair in Madrid, a highly relevant event in the sector, showcases his leadership and vision for driving innovation in construction. With Ignasi's valuable guidance, we are confident that our foray into construction will reach new levels of efficiency and collaboration.

  1. Lluis Moreno Lasalle: President of the Cambra de Contractistes d'Obra de Catalunya (CCOC) and member of the governing council of the Confederación Nacional de la Construcción (CNC).

Lluis Moreno Lasalle is a prominent figure in the construction field in Spain. His leadership as president of CCOC and his participation in the governing council of CNC make him an authority in the sector. His extensive knowledge and connections will be invaluable in ensuring that our blockchain-based solutions adapt to the real needs of the industry and have a significant impact on construction.

  1. Joan Ribera: Director of Innovation at OMPLIM.

Joan Ribera is an innovator in the field of residential construction. As the director of innovation at OMPLIM, a leading construction developer in Catalonia, he has led initiatives that have taken efficiency and sustainability to new heights. His understanding of the specific needs of the real estate industry will be essential in designing blockchain solutions that enhance transparency and traceability at every step of the construction process.

  1. Fourth Member (To Be Announced Soon): Member of the Col.legi d'Agents de la Propietat Inmobiliaria de Catalunya (API's).

We are excited to reveal the fourth member of our advisory committee soon, a representative from the Col.legi d'Agents de la Propietat Inmobiliaria de Catalunya (API's). This professional will bring valuable insights from the realm of real estate agents, ensuring that our blockchain solutions cater to the needs of professionals involved in property buying, selling, and management.The BLOOCK team deeply appreciates the participation and commitment of these expert leaders, whose experience in the construction sector will be essential in achieving our goal of revolutionizing the industry through blockchain technology. Together, we are prepared to face the challenges and opportunities in the world of construction and transform how construction, design, management, and marketing are carried out in this exciting field.¡Stay tuned for more updates as we work together to achieve a more innovative and sustainable future for the construction sector!

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