New BLOOCK Collaboration: EmPower Project

October 6, 2023

Joining Forces for Digital Transformation

Announcement: Innovative Business Groups IGB 2023

Duration: 16/05/2023 – 17/04/2024

File Number: IGB-010500-2023-78


Smart City ClusterBettergy S.L.PaoPao Digital SL (SABBATIC)Enchainté Tech SL (BLOOCK)IGB Cybersecurity and Advanced TechnologiesProject Budget: €363,611.00

Granted Subsidy: €218,166.00

BLOOCK has received the green light from NextGenerationEU funds to execute the EmPower project in collaboration with Bettergy, Sabbatic, the Innovative Business Group for Cybersecurity and Advanced Technologies, and the Smart City Cluster. The EmPOWER (Energy Management Power) project is a digital solution focused on industrial and commercial enterprises. Its main objective is to empower SMEs in their relationship with electrical supply by maximizing the use of consumption data to improve energy efficiency. EmPOWER will offer services to ensure the accuracy of electricity bills, digitize the energy contracting process, automatically verify invoices, and enable consumers to control and share their consumption data to access personalized energy efficiency services.

About EmPower

EmPOWER will be a comprehensive set of services centered around SMEs, consisting of four main services:

·      MyMeter: It will offer advanced measurements by renting smart meters, including remote reading and data certification through blockchain for legal claims and savings verification.

·      MyData: It will continuously update and store data, allowing access from any device. It will maintain a verifiable history even when changing providers and provide personalized energy efficiency recommendations.

·      MyBill: It will act as a virtual assistant to negotiate and contract better energy rates. It will be an independent comparator that digitizes electricity bills and verifies their accuracy through blockchain.

·      MyApps: It will allow SMEs to authorize and manage third-party applications' access to their data to offer personalized energy-saving recommendations. It will be based on the Green Button standard and connect with proprietary and third-party solutions using updated and enriched customer data.

To ensure the success of this project, it is essential to build trust and security in the platform managed through a technological solution that provides reliable information traceability. In this context, the strategic inclusion of BLOOCK has been pivotal in forming the consortium.

About BLOOCK's Contribution to the System

BLOOCK will play a pivotal role in the development of this project by providing its solutions and expanding its current capabilities to facilitate services that ensure security and transparency in the registration, certification, and traceability of energy consumption and contracts. This commitment will translate into several significant benefits for the project's success:

·      Strengthening system security and credibility: BLOOCK will provide the necessary tools to ensure data integrity through decentralized technologies and advanced cryptography. This will ensure that the collected data is unalterable and resistant to fraudulent manipulation, increasing the reliability of the services offered. Furthermore, data authenticity and origin will be guaranteed, mitigating the risk of identity-related cyberattacks.

·      Enhancing transparency and verifiability of information: BLOOCK will offer solutions that significantly improve transparency through the use of decentralized technologies. This will enable all participants to access a complete and verifiable record of all transactions and energy consumption, eliminating the need for trusted intermediaries and fostering mutual trust among the parties involved.

·      Enhanced protection for the end consumer: The implementation of authenticated records in decentralized technologies will allow the end consumer to have solid evidence of their consumption and contracts. This will facilitate resolving disputes with suppliers and promote the liberalization of the energy sector by establishing standards and improving transparency throughout the industry. In summary, collaboration with BLOOCK will strengthen security, transparency, and end consumer protection in this project.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

At BLOOCK, your trust is our primary motivation, and participation in this project in collaboration with the aforementioned consortium is evidence of our ongoing commitment to lead the way and provide solutions that make a difference in the field of energy efficiency. Together, we are paving the way for a sustainable, digital, and reliable world.

This partnership allows us to advance our mission of ensuring the integrity, authenticity, and availability of data related to energy management through decentralized technologies. EmPower emerges as a fundamental strategic project in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability, playing an essential role in our growth strategy in the field.

We are excited about what the future holds and eager to continue delivering cutting-edge and secure technological solutions to businesses worldwide

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