New BLOOCK Partner: H.A.U.S

August 1, 2023

New technologies promote and enhance sustainability in the construction sector.

In the dynamic business world, innovation and collaboration across different industries are essential to drive progress and address increasingly complex challenges. H.A.U.S., a comprehensive building project management company, is responsible for managing, directing, coordinating, and executing construction projects, taking into account the uniqueness of each one and applying H.A.U.S.'s methodology to ensure the achievement of the initially defined objectives. Its mission is based on constructing or rehabilitating buildings, providing them with attributes and specificities that make them healthy for the people who will occupy them, always with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Together with BLOOCK, we have decided to join forces to carry out an exciting collaboration initiative. Both companies share a common goal: to promote sustainable digital transformation in the construction sector.

New technologies in environmental commitment

In a context where technology plays an increasingly relevant role, the construction sector faces challenges that demand innovative solutions. Efficiency, transparency, and sustainability have become fundamental pillars to address the demands of a constantly changing world.

HAUS's sustainable initiative represents its firm commitment to constructing buildings that not only meet housing and commercial needs but are also designed to ensure the health and well-being of their occupants in harmony with the natural environment. Preserving the environment and reducing the environmental footprint is essential in HAUS's vision for a more sustainable future. To accelerate digital transformation and reinforce their sustainable focus, HAUS and BLOOCK have decided to join forces in strategic collaboration. This alliance will allow both companies to explore future use cases and advance together toward the digitization of the construction sector.

The combination of BLOOCK's technology expertise and HAUS's specialized knowledge in the construction field will generate a unique synergy, with the purpose of driving efficiency, transparency, and sustainability in each project.

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