New BLOOCK Partner: Hybo

October 6, 2023

An Innovative Collaboration

We are pleased to share a collaboration that changes how companies manage their workspace. At BLOOCK, we always seek smart and innovative solutions for our clients, and in this regard, we have entered into a partnership agreement with Hybo, a prominent company in the workspace reservation software market.

The Current Business Landscape: Need for Flexibility and Efficiency

In today's business context, flexibility and efficiency are crucial. Centralized management of corporate spaces has become an urgent necessity, and this is where Hybo shines with an intuitive and highly integrated platform that allows companies to visualize, reserve, and schedule meeting rooms, office spaces, and resources simply and effectively.

Hybo's Comprehensive Solution

Hybo offers a complete solution for corporate space management, allowing companies to efficiently reserve and schedule meeting rooms, workspaces, and resources. With Hybo, you can customize your meeting room bookings based on schedules and attendees, ensuring you always have the right space for your meetings. Furthermore, the platform offers exceptional flexibility by allowing you to reserve workspaces according to your time needs, thus optimizing your productivity. It also allows you to reserve parking spaces so you don't waste time searching for parking. Integration with home automation systems gives you complete control over climate control, lighting, and access, enhancing comfort and energy savings. Hybo simplifies cafeteria shift organization, eliminates long waits, and enables quick reporting of any incidents to ensure a safe work environment. Moreover, it facilitates internal and external communication, allowing you to publish relevant information and manage external visits efficiently. In summary, Hybo offers a complete and versatile solution for corporate environment management, improving efficiency and the workplace experience.

Future Outlook

At BLOOCK, we remain committed to innovation and providing solutions that make a difference in the business environment. This collaboration with Hybo is a significant step in that direction. We are excited to share more details on how this partnership will transform the management of our workspaces. Stay tuned for future updates!

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