New BLOOCK Partner: Ikasplay

July 31, 2023

Collaboration between Ikasplay and BLOOCK: Empowering the training of the future

In today's competitive business world, continuous training and talent development are critical to the success of any organization. In this regard, Ikasplay has distinguished itself as a leader in solutions for gamified eLearning training, offering innovative solutions that engage professionals through advanced technologies. BLOOCK is pleased to announce our collaboration with Ikasplay, which aims to provide complete and secure solutions for training in different areas, such as training in Occupational Risk Prevention and improving efficiency and safety in fleet management and other areas related to transport and logistics.

About Ikasplay

Ikasplay has demonstrated its commitment to training and talent development in the business environment. Its focus on offering gamified training, cutting-edge simulations, and the use of technologies such as virtual and augmented reality have taken the learning experience to new levels. Among the highlights of their training offerings is training in Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP), where they have made a difference by helping companies implement processes that improve safety in the workplace. On the other hand, Ikasplay has a notable presence in the logistics sector, remaining at the forefront of technological innovations.

Partnership with BLOOCK

To provide more robust and secure solutions to its customers, Ikasplay has partnered with BLOOCK, aware that blockchain technology guarantees the integrity, authenticity, and availability of all types of data and information they manage through file certification, digital signature, and decentralized hosting.

By adopting BLOOCK's products and services, Ikasplay will offer its customers more robust and reliable solutions. Cybersecurity is essential to protect sensitive information and data in the digital environment, and thanks to this partnership, Ikasplay's eLearning and logistics solutions will be backed by BLOOCK's technology.


Francisco Bodego, CEO and founder of Ikasplay expressed: "The synergy between BLOOCK and Ikasplay opens the doors towards the future of gamified training and the tracking of learning processes. Thanks to BLOOCK's blockchain technology our eLearning training solutions become more robust and secure, providing our customers with a unique and trackable learning experience. Together, we guide excellence in training, offering innovative and reliable solutions in today's competitive business world."

Conclusion and future perspectives

This collaboration between Ikasplay and BLOOCK will represent a paradigm shift in the eLearning industry, especially highlighting Ikasplay's commitment to Occupational Risk Prevention in the industrial and logistics sectors. Both companies, leaders in their respective fields, will join forces to promote talent development and provide complete and safe solutions to their customers, ensuring maximum security for all of them thanks to decentralized technologies.

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