New BLOOCK Partner: Imagar

September 5, 2023

We are delighted to share the news that marks the beginning of a strategic collaboration that promises to revolutionize the renewable energy industry and blockchain technology. BLOOCK is pleased to announce its new partner: Imagar Solutions Company, encompassing their Industrial, Managed Systems, IT Security, Development, and DevOps units. In this blog, we will explore the details of this exciting partnership and its potential to transform the future of sustainable energy.

About Imagar Solutions

Imagar Solutions is a leading company specializing in developing services and solutions related to information technologies. Their focus on creating tailor-made solutions for various sectors, including renewable energies, has demonstrated their commitment to a more sustainable future, where cutting-edge technology, always based on security and privacy, serves as a lever for a new economy. Imagar's experience and vision make them an ideal partner for this exciting journey towards energy transformation to help create a better society.

Partnership with BLOOCK and Application Case

The collaboration between BLOOCK and Imagar is forged to address crucial challenges in the renewable energy industry. Blockchain technology, the core of BLOOCK's expertise, will be used to solve two fundamental problems: Transparency in Marketing: The alliance will enable real-time and fully transparent tracking of the production and marketing of sustainable energy in energy communities. By integrating BLOOCK's data integrity service, any margin for opacity will be eliminated, ensuring that transactions are fair and reliable. Verification of Sustainable Origin: The immutability of records on blockchain networks will be an essential tool for reliably tracking the origin of energy sold in energy communities. Consumers, who will be stakeholders in the solution, as well as other necessary points of contact, will be able to verify simply and transparently that they are receiving the indicated sustainable energy, not only from its inception but throughout the entire chain. Meanwhile, producers will be fairly rewarded for their contribution to the well-being of the planet, with verifiable KPIs. Moreover, these data and stakeholder relationships will serve as the basis for creating new business and economic opportunities for all stakeholders in various models, enabling the creation of a 540-degree economy and new solutions, new products, and new ways to monetize.

Conclusion and Future Perspectives

The collaboration between BLOOCK and Imagar is a significant step toward a cleaner and more sustainable future. The ability to combine Imagar's expertise in renewable energy with BLOOCK's cutting-edge technology, including its data integrity service, promises to change the way we produce, consume, and manage energy, as well as open up new businesses and a new economy that would be impossible until now, contributing directly to job creation and the economy, leaving no one behind. As we move forward, we expect this alliance to continue offering innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the renewable energy industry. Together, we are committed to shaping a more sustainable and reliable world for future generations.

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