New BLOOCK Partner: OIKO Top

December 5, 2023

We are pleased to announce an exciting collaboration between BLOOCK and OIKO Top, two innovative leaders in their respective fields. This strategic partnership aims to drive excellence in real estate projects by combining BLOOCK's advanced blockchain technology with OIKO Top's comprehensive expertise in the construction and design sector.

What is OIKO Top?

OIKO Top is more than an interactive showroom; it is a centre of excellence that provides professional advice for developing real estate projects, from renovations and designs to complete remodels. With a permanent exhibition featuring over 37 brands recognized for their innovation, quality, and warranty, OIKO Top has stood out as a reference in supplying construction products and interior design.

How Will BLOOCK Benefit from this Collaboration?

BLOOCK's blockchain technology has become a fundamental pillar to ensure security and transparency in communication and information exchange. By joining forces with OIKO Top, BLOOCK aims to bring these advanced solutions into the realm of construction and design, offering an additional layer of trust and efficiency to every project.

Personalized Advice and Coworking Space for Industry Professionals

The collaboration between BLOOCK and OIKO Top extends beyond the implementation of blockchain technology in real estate projects. OIKO Top provides a team of professionals dedicated to offering personalized assistance and helping clients find the best solutions based on their needs, requirements, and budgets. Additionally, those working in the construction, interior design, or decoration sectors will find a coworking space at OIKO Top to develop ideas and efficiently serve their clients.

An Alliance Driving Innovation in Real Estate Projects

This collaboration between BLOOCK and OIKO Top represents a significant step forward in integrating emerging technologies into the construction and design industry. Both companies share a common vision of driving innovation and efficiency in real estate project development, and this strategic alliance will further strengthen their respective positions as leaders in their fields.

We are excited about what this partnership will bring in terms of advanced solutions, security, and efficiency for all our clients and collaborators. We will continue working together to shape the future of construction and design, leveraging the best of blockchain technology and OIKO Top's comprehensive expertise.

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