New BLOOCK partner: SYRAH by T-Systems

October 6, 2023

Joining Forces for sustainable development goals

We have exciting news to share in this month of October! At BLOOCK, we are thrilled to announce our strategic collaboration with T-Systems, linked to their innovative Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) dashboard for the Agenda2030, Syrah, focused on managing sustainability policies in businesses and public institutions. We are excited about this partnership and will work closely with T-Systems on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.

About T-Systems and Syrah

T-Systems is a leading technology services and digital solutions company, part of the Deutsche Telekom Group. With a focus on innovation and service excellence, T-Systems offers a wide range of technology solutions, from cloud management to cybersecurity and business digitization. With a global presence and a commitment to sustainability, T-Systems works closely with itsclients to drive digital transformation and help businesses achieve their goals in an increasingly connected world.

In this context, T-Systems has developed the Syrah tool: an advanced dashboard that collects information from various sources, both internal and external, to illustrate the evolution of strategies and actions related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Syrah promises to change the wayCorporate Social Responsibility and sustainability strategies are managed, allowing for improvements in measures that do not produce the expected results and adjusting approaches based on the results obtained. This solution represents Spanish innovation and is an example of T-Systems' 'single data' philosophy, which uses real data from various sources with automatic updates to simplify and standardize processes.

However, a significant challenge arises due to the lack of a certification model for the data collection and custody process, which is essential for providing guarantees of the objectivity of the information provided and transparency. The development of such a model will strengthen confidence in the legitimacy and reliability of sustainability data provided, thus enhancing compliance with the most demanding standards and regulations for information communication by organizations committed to sustainability.

About our collaboration

This collaboration with T-Systems is the perfect combination to ensure the certification process of the collected information and the generation of objective evidence related to the Sustainable DevelopmentGoals (SDGs) initiatives. Through our certification in blockchain technology,Syrah guarantees transparency, integrity, and objectivity of the information.By using an immutable, publicly accessible ledger, it provides verifiable evidence that the information comes from reliable sources and that the data collection and analysis processes comply with established sustainability standards. This proactive approach not only strengthens trust but also reinforces the commitment of entities to provide accurate and reliable information. Below, we present the main benefits of why this collaboration is a significant milestone for both entities:

·     Enhances the credibility of the collected information: The integration of Syrah with our blockchain certification model increases confidence by providing a reliable mechanism to verify the authenticity of the information provided. This transparency reinforces accountability and fosters greater trust in sustainability communications.


·     Optimizes and ensures compliance audits: The integration guarantees the reliability of compliance reports and streamlines both internal and external audit processes. Thanks to this collaboration, companies will be able to obtain complete and irrefutable traceability of theirSDG initiatives to demonstrate their commitment and compliance.


·     Reduces the risk of reputation damage:Obtaining objective and irrefutable evidence protects the digital presence of brands when publishing SDG reports, supporting their claims with clear and verifiable facts transparently. This allows them to share their initiatives without fear of potential reputational damage.


Summary and future outlook

At BLOOCK, your trust is our primary motivation, and this collaboration withT-Systems is evidence of our ongoing commitment to lead the way and offer solutions that make a difference in the field of sustainability. Together, we are paving the way toward a sustainable, digital, and reliable world.

This partnership allows us to advance our mission to ensure the integrity, authenticity, and availability of sustainability-related data through decentralized technologies. T-Systems becomes a key strategic partner in this pursuit and represents an essential pillar in our expansion in this field.

We are excited about what the future holds and eager to continue providing cutting-edge and secure technological solutions to businesses worldwide.

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