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December 5, 2022

BLOOCK made it to Tech Spirit

We were given a fantastic opportunity to join Tech Spirit as a speaker and as a competitor!

TECH SPIRIT also referred to as Tech Barcelona is an independent private non-profit association that works to reinforce Barcelona as a model of the international digital and technological ecosystem. “We are the gateway and the platform for active participation in the ecosystem. We create connections and make start-ups visible. We catalyze innovation within corporations. We promote entrepreneurship. We attract investment. We promote talent. We focus and empower the ecosystem.”

Their mission is to drive the growth of the digital and technology ecosystem and promote the transformation both of traditional sectors and the economic model through technology. We position the ecosystem in an international context while taking into consideration the impact of technology on our society. They achieve their mission by sharing and generating knowledge by holding activities and encouraging tech in Barcelona's growth in interconnectivity.

Through one of their activities held on the 30th of November BLOOCK through our CPO and Co-founder Jordi Estapé presented on:

Demystifying Web3: Blockchain technology, its importance, and application for businesses

From this speech, Jordi focused on the concern about digital freedom & privacy through the lens of a blockchain developer.

As Web3 is emerging as the new keyword in the blockchain ecosystem, BLOOCK presented our expert to explain the technology and its implementation in multiple industries.

On the second day of the event, our CTO and Co-founder Marc Baqué presented BLOOCK as one of the final candidates of ACCÍO Startup Forum's Catalan Pitch Competition.

Photo by Adriana Freitas

We first showcased the company´s values and worth through business success and tech solidity, by introducing BLOOCK through its success and technology solidity.

We also address the industry problem: How blockchain is needed to find an effective and efficient way to protect data and guarantee its integrity and authenticity in information exchange processes where there is no trust between different stakeholders.

Secondly, while emphasizing that Blockchain is a suitable solution to solve this problem, we also tackle the technology complexities that hinder its adoption for non-high-profile companies. These complexities range from low scalability, high transaction costs, technicalities, and privacy regulations.

Finally concluding, the solution is BLOOCK: bridging enterprises to benefit from the innovative technology of decentralized ledgers.

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