Transforming Corporate Cybersecurity with Numen Technology and BLOOCK: Towards Transparent and Reliable Record Management

May 17, 2024

Within this landscape, the collaborative efforts of Numen Tech and BLOOCK have given rise, a  project aimed at revolutionizing how companies approach and validate their cybersecurity policy compliance.

About the project

The project supported by ACCIÓ aims to develop a that seamlessly integrates with the existing ecosystem of Numen Box SOHO, the hardware-as-a-service offered by Numen Technologies. This solution is specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, offering them an effective and robust way to manage records related to cybersecurity policy compliance using blockchain and peer-to-peer (P2P) data storage systems. These technologies provide a fundamental basis for the security and integrity of data, ensuring they are impossible to manipulate or alter.

Key elements

1. Data Collection Agent: This agent, based on lightweight log aggregators, is tasked with collecting and monitoring data related to implemented cybersecurity policies. It is essential for effective management of cybersecurity risks, ensuring compliance with risk prevention measures.
2. Blockchain Certification System: Using blockchain technology, this system certifies the integrity and reliability of the data collected in a neutral environment for all involved parties. This generates reliable evidence in real-time, allowing all parties to fully trust the accuracy and integrity of the information.
3. Monitoring and Scoring Dashboard: This dashboard provides continuous, real-time monitoring of data and traces, enabling an immediate view of compliance with policies established by contracts. Additionally, it allows for the application of scores to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of security processes.

Future Outcomes

The implementation not only represents an improvement in cybersecurity for companies but also opens up new market opportunities and repositions the solutions of Numen Tech.
This effective diversification of the product and service portfolio can attract new customers and meet the evolving needs of current users.
In summary,  is not just an innovative technological solution for corporate cybersecurity management but also a disruptive business strategy that can transform how companies approach cybersecurity and open up new horizons in the cyber security market.

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