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Welcome 2023 from BLOOCK!

January 27, 2023

BLOOCKs 2023 resolution!

It is best to start a new year strong, and here’s how BLOOCK is doing it and plans to keep it going.

BLOOCK plans to increase our engagement with our community through various social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, discord, and YouTube. Therefore, make sure you are following all our platforms. Being consistent in making our presence known on a global scale through our attendance at multiple conferences from the:

We have an excellent opportunity to meet new people and develop great connections that continue to aid our growth.

We also have new products!

It is a tool that allows you to certify any document on blockchain just using a drag-drop feature, without any need for coding or blockchain expertise. Now, we have added more products to the certifier, so apart from adding integrity (issuing a timestamp of the given data preventing any manipulation and fraud afterward) you will be able to access authenticity, encryption, and availability.

BLOOCK currently supports different digital signature methods. You can choose the one it better accomplishes your requirements.

  • Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)
  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

With only 3 steps, you can ensure your data's authenticity:

  • Prepare the document
  • Sign the document
  • Verify the document

Lastly, it is important to acknowledge the importance of a good team because from that comes great business. We have Edgar Jordà as one of the latest additions to the BLOOCK family. With his years of expertise in blockchain and a career in sales that spans over two decades, his responsibilities lie in overseeing, advising, and helping strategic growth initiatives. Edgar is equipped with enhancing the #growth of #startups having three under his belt:

  • Netconetidos (content bank in early 2000)
  • HashingDNA
  • Esadecreapolis is a startup partly a subsidiary of Esade University.

  As he too is positive that; “BLOOCK has good technicians with a good strategy and a better implementation to the go-to-market”

A recipe for success, let's go 2023!

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