Plans and princing

Check out all the available pricing plans for our software solution:

Free to start

You don’t have to make any payments to start your journey with BLOOCK

Ethereum Mainett

Enjoy the unique experience of high scalability in the most well recognized blockchain- Ethereum Mainnet

Without crypto purchase

Avoid the hassle of buying crypto or nodes. Just use standard currency for true certification in Blockchain

Pay as you grow

BLOOCK solution makes it possible for you to only pay for what you need and the most of transactions requested

Your data remains Local

We will not move the data from your servers. Enjoy full data storage and protection regulation compliance according to GDPR/CalOPPA.

Validation anytime

Validate your records anytime against the blockchain by downloading and owning the proof of integrity


At BLOOCK, we count records as every transaction or HASH, you define as your data, that will be stored in the blockchain and will be verified by the users on a later stage.

BLOOCK is a prepaid service that covers the number of records that will be done in the blockchain during the following month.

Every plan has an overage price per record. In case you exceed the number of records in your plan, the total overage consumed will be charged in the following month invoice together with the new month plan.

No. If you are in the monthly subscription and you do not consume your records of the month, you will lose them. If you expect to have high variation between months, we recommend you enrol to the annual subscription to compensate those months with low volume with months of higher usage.

Our BLOOCK SDK is used in all plans, so both free and paid plans have the same functionalities for developers.

Yes. The subscription can be cancelled at any time. Once canceled, it will not be renewed at the beginning of the next cycle. This way you have the opportunity to consume the records remaining and in case you consume additional volume than what you have covered in the plan, we will create a final invoice for the overage used at the end of the cycle.​

No. The subscription service will not be refunded.

If you decide to upgrade your plan, we will immediately provide you with the additional amount of records of the new plan to the current subscription cycle. We will charge you proportionally to the days remaining of your subscription month. The next invoice will include the amount of provided records and upgraded plan.